Why can I see only selected messages in “Message opened?” and “Link clicked?” conditions?

In Marketing Automation feature, you can track if someone opened or clicked your message. This allows taking action based on the reader’s behaviour.

Tracking opens or clicks in automation is useful for:

  • Resending a message to contacts who don’t take the desired action,
  • Sending messages with content based on contacts’ actions,
  • Sending follow up messages.

Why do I only see some messages in the properties of the conditions?

Message opened? and Link clicked? conditions allow you to track opens and clicks for newsletters, autoresponders, A/B tests, and automation messages.
But when they are placed after Message sent or Send message blocks, you can only select messages which have been sent through these blocks. This is why you won’t see all messages from your account in the properties of Message opened? and Link clicked? conditions.

For example, if your Send message block sends a message “Test,” then in the Message opened? and Link clicked? conditions you will only be able to select that specific message for tracking opens and clicks.

Since other messages aren’t used within the workflow, you won’t see them in the properties. This makes the selection process faster.

Linked clicked properties.

Why were my properties cleared after I connected the blocks?

If you first set up the properties and then connect the block with another element, the properties will be reset.

This happens because before connecting the blocks, you can choose from all the messages in your account.
When joining the blocks, we check if the selected message has already been used within that particular workflow. If not, we reset the properties, so you can choose one of the messages that is already selected in your workflow.

Note: When the block properties are cleared, you will see that the connected Message opened? or Link clicked? block is reset to selecting a message.

Message opened block

Once you open the properties of such block, there will be a notification that the properties have changed.