What is Revenue attribution and how does it work?

With Revenue Statistics for Newsletters you can:

  1. See how much value your newsletter brings you.
  2. Make better business decisions when it comes to campaign creation.

The results of marketing campaigns, which translate into orders in the store, can be found in the Email marketing page and Newsletter reports.

Revenue is counted during the Attribution window. The Attribution window is the time frame in which we wait for the order. The window opens when the recipient clicks on any link in the email and closes after a specified period of time. Each recipient’s order that is registered while the Attribution window is open will be assigned to the message that triggered its opening.

A new message sent to the same recipient may overwrite the open Attribution window. In the context of one store and recipient, there can only be one active conversion window.

Setting up the Revenue attribution

To enable Revenue Attribution:

  1. Go to Email marketing and click Create newsletter.
  2. Move the slider beside Revenue Attribution to enable it.

    enable revenue attribution

To change Attribution window:

  1. Go to Ecommerce tools.
  2. Hover over the action button beside your store and click Settings.
  3. Change the number of days in the Attribution window (default is 5).

    attribution window

  4. Click Update.

Checking the revenue

Simplified view can be found in the Email marketing page. To see it:

  1. Go to Email marketing to see sent newsletters.
  2. In Attributed revenue column you will find the revenue for messages with that feature enabled.

    attributed revenue

More detailed information you will find in Reports. To see it:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select a specific newsletter or newsletters from the dropdown menu.

  3. Scroll down to Attributed revenue section to see their revenue with information about the number of Orders, calculated Average order vaule and total Attributed revenue for selected newsletters.

    attributed revenue

Frequently asked questions

How is revenue attributed?

When a subscriber clicks on a link in a message, we track this interaction. Any revenue generated from this contact within the defined attribution window will be attributed to that message.

Which attribution model do we use?

Newsletter Revenue Statistics uses the Last Click model. This means that revenue is attributed to the last email message with which the subscriber interacted by clicking a link.

What e-commerce integrations does this feature work for?

This feature works with all e-commerce integrations.

Does order status matter?

Yes, it does, only orders with paid status are included.

Can GetResponse revenue attribution be connected to Google Analytics?

No, it cannot be connected to Google Analytics.