What is marketing automation and what can I do with it?

Marketing automation is a suite of powerful conditions, filters, and actions. You combine all of them to create workflows that reflect a subscriber journey or experience. When building a workflow, you can use one of our pre-designed templates or build a workflow from scratch.

You can use the marketing automation templates, for example, to:

  • create a process dedicated to welcoming your new customers
  • reward customer engagement,
  • create a holiday promotional campaign,
  • launch an online course.

You can create your own marketing automation workflows that are as simple, or complex, as you’d like. You can scale the workflows for goals of all sizes. For information on how to build a workflow from scratch, go to our help materials on building and managing workflows.

You can export and import workflows. You’ll find all of your imported workflows within the My templates tab.

What’s the difference between autoresponders and marketing automation?

Autoresponders are messages set to go out automatically. Marketing automation is a suite of tools used to automate your entire promotional process. Autoresponders automate the sending of messages in an autoresponder cycle, marketing automation gives you more options. Automation allows you to do everything autoresponders do, plus it helps you to track and make decisions based on the goal of your workflow.

Please note that creating an automation workflow based on your autoresponder messages doesn’t switch the autoresponders off. Automation and autoresponders both work in parallel.

When is it better to stick with autoresponders instead of marketing automation?

Sometimes you may want to stick with your autoresponders. For example, when you have a large number of messages in your autoresponder series and you are not ready to take different action for all of them. Marketing automation can use your autoresponders in a single workflow to enhance your subscriber experience.