How much does marketing automation cost?

The Marketing Automation is available in your subscription package at no extra charge. Your access to specific automation functionalities depends on what pricing package you have.

Free accounts can try out creating custom workflows with every element of automation available for 30 days of the trial.

Email Marketing users have access to basic marketing automation functionalities and selected workflow templates. They won’t be able to create custom workflows.

Marketing Automation users can create custom workflows with every element of automation available except for Chats, Purchase automation and Abandoned Cart trigger.

Ecommerce Marketing and MAX users have access to full automation functionalities, including unlimited workflows, scoring, website tracking, and automation segmentation.

What automation features are available in individual GetResponse packages?

The Email Marketing includes access to automation templates. Users can create workflows based only on templates. Click here to learn which templates are available on particular plans.

The Marketing Automation package users have access to all the above options and also to Dynamic Segmentation but don’t have access to Abandoned Cart trigger.

Ecommerce Marketing package users have access to all Marketing Automation functions. This plan includes building workflows from scratch, automation workflows, tagging, scoring, e-commerce tools, and automatic segmentation. With the Ecommerce Marketing package you can create workflows using:


  • Subscribed via
  • Link clicked
  • Message opened
  • Special occasion
  • Custom field changed
  • Message sent
  • Contact copied to list
  • Contact moved to list
  • Consent status updated
  • Landing page visited
  • Score given
  • Tag assigned
  • Purchase
  • Abandoned cart
  • Visited URL
  • Event
  • Billing status changed


  • Send message
  • Send push notification
  • Custom field
  • Copy to list
  • Move to list
  • Copy to workflow
  • Move to workflow
  • Wait
  • Remove
  • Tag
  • Score


  • Range
  • Amount
  • Dynamic segment
  • Lists
  • Consent status
  • Unique contacts
  • Splitter

If you want to learn more about the available functionalities and pricing, read the description of the packages.