What does the new contact card offer?

We developed our new contacts card in order to better visualise the data about your contacts. We want you to be able to manage the contact data in a more clear way, which will lead to more effective communication between you and your subscribers.

You can view and manage all their details on the left side of the contact card. This allows you to check their information, assign scores, custom fields, tags as well as edit their details such as the name of a phone number. You can also see their autoresponder day and change it if needed.

We display all their actions on the activity feed on the right side, along with notes that you can now add to your contacts. Now all the data about your contacts, such as opening a message or clicking a link, is displayed in one, easily accessible place. Their eCommerce behaviours and events are also all in one place.

How to navigate the new contact card?

At the very top you will find:

  • The list to which the contact is added,
  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Engagement score.

On the far right there is an Action menu which allows you to:

  • Delete from list,
  • Delete from account,
  • Assign custom field,
  • Assign tag.

On the left side, we display the following information:

  • Autoresponder day,
  • Contact name,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Company,
  • Country,
  • Score,
  • Subscription details.

Below we show:

  • Custom fields,
  • Tags,
  • Consent status.

On the right side is your contact activity feed where you can also add notes to contacts. Adding notes allows you to put additional information about the contact that will help you create more customised content.

You can also check your contacts eCommerce behaviours as well as events.