What are the Welcome templates used for?

The Welcome templates are are useful when you want to:

  • thank people for signing up or purchasing your products,
  • start building a relationship with your contacts and customers.
    They are designed with a number of goals in mind. You can use them to send an automated welcome message, direct them to more information about your products with follow-up messages, or start tracking what content they might be interested in.

Simple welcome message

You can send one welcome message after a contact joins your list with the Simple welcome workflow template. This workflow is useful when you want to confirm your contact’s successful subscription, welcome them to your list, and give them any other information that relates to their signup.

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Welcome new contacts

The Welcome new contacts template lets you send a series of messages at a set pace. Use it when you want to:

  • confirm a contact’s successful subscription and welcome them to your list,
  • keep your contacts informed about your products and services. This helps get them interested in what they can expect from you,
  • keep track which contacts have seen your main offer and are now ready to be introduced to more content.

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Welcome new customers

The Welcome new customers template helps you accomplish two main goals:

  • to immediately thank your new customer for their purchase,
  • to ensure that they are getting informed about your brand so they will purchase from you again.

The template includes elements you can use to:

  • send specific messages to your new customers,
  • indicate their interest based on a click in your follow-up message,
  • tag contacts according to their actions so you know what content they might be interested in when you’re planning your future communication with them.

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