What are the Webinars and events templates used for?

The Webinar and events templates let you automate your pre- and post-webinar communication with your contacts and set targeted messages to go out during special occasions.

Webinar promotion

The Webinar promotion template helps you set up a series of messages promoting your webinar that go out after the webinar invitation is sent. It’s helpful for when you want to send personalized reminders with content designed to get your contact interested and excited about the event. You can set up the elements in the template to:

  • tag everyone who’s received the invitation
  • assigns specific tags to help you distinguish between the registrants and non-registrants for future communication
  • send follow-up messages to webinar registrants at a set pace. Note: The delay in the Wait element has been preset to the recommended value.
  • send a reminder message to contacts who haven’t registered.

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Post-webinar follow-up

You can use the Post-webinar follow-up template to automatically send the webinar materials (and any other relevant information) to the contacts you invited.

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Birthday message

The Birthday message template lets you wish your contacts happy birthday and send a special offer and win their loyalty. You can decide if you want the contacts to receive your message before, on, or after the special event.

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