What are the Engagement and retention templates used for?

The Engagement and retention templates can help you keep your customers and contacts interested in your offer. You can do this by using templates that help you create workflows that reward them for coming back to your store, introduce them to alternative offers when they stop visiting your website, or keep track of customers who you won back and want to target with tailored offers.

Rewarding loyal contacts

The Rewarding loyal contacts template lets you use contact scores to deliver custom offers based on levels of engagement. This template can be scaled up and down, depending on your scoring system and rewards plan.

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Contact retargeting

You should use the Contact retargeting workflow when you want to reduce the number of contacts unsubscribing from your lists. Configure the elements in the template to fill them with a series of messages that encourage your contacts to participate in other related offers. This template helps build a workflow that:

  • sends a message suggesting expanded offer based specifically on contacts’ interests and behavior,
  • allows you to target the customers who want to receive more of the new content,
  • sends follow-up messages at a set pace. Note: We recommend you use the preset delay time used in the Wait element in this workflow.

    You can scale it up or down this template, depending on the number of the resources you want to share with the contacts.

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Customer retargeting

You can use the Customer retargeting template to reach customers who have already viewed or purchased a specific product. The element settings allow you to customize the template and fill it with content that works well for first-time or return buyers. This template helps build a workflow that:

  • sends a message to customers 5 days after they were tagged as ready for retargeting. Note: The delay in the Wait filter has been set to a recommended value,
  • lets you track sales,
  • tag your customers according to how they responded to your remarketing strategy. You can use this information for planning specific campaigns for them.

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Win back

The Win back template is useful when you want to reach the contacts who seem to be losing interest in your content. This template helps build a workflow that:

  • automatically sends messages to the contacts who lag behind in their engagement,
  • tags contacts who are still interested. You can use this information to send targeted offers to this group.
  • remove the contacts who don’t respond from your account.

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List cleaning through tags and scores

The List cleaning with tags and scores template helps you build a workflow that removes contacts from your account that have not engaged with your messages.

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