How to create AI campaign?

AI campaigns are available with no limits in Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Marketing plans. If you are using any older paid plan, you can upgrade it to one of the current plans to get the advantage of AI campaigns.

In a Free account (within the first 30 days) you can create one AI campaign (in addition to the onboarding checklist). We do not offer AI campaigns for the Free Forever plans (after the premium period).

To create AI campaign:

  1. Go to AI campaigns.
  2. Click Create campaign.

    creating AI campaign

  3. Enter Campaign name. Campaign name doesn’t have any impact on its content and it’s only visible to you.
  4. Select Linked list and click Next step.

    AI campaigns general settings

Linked list for your campaign cannot be changed, but it can be changed for individual elements that are included in your campaign (messages and/or landing page).

When a Linked list is deleted the entire campaign is deleted with it.

Your existing campaigns might already include active autoresponders and we will let you know if this happens. This way you will be able to easily update Autoresponder day when you edit it, or select a different campaign.

  1. Answer a few questions to let AI know what you want to include in your messages:

    AI campaigns questions

    • enter products or services you would like to offer
    • select the field of your business (start typing to see the list of industries to choose from)
    • enter the recepients of your campaign
    • optionally: add your company or product name
    • optionally: select the tone of your communication
    • click Next step after selecting all options

  2. Select the color palette that matches your business or products and (optionally) select a logo (either from your computer or Files and Images – if you added it already). Click Generate whenever you are ready.

    AI campaigns business look

  3. The landing page, welcome autoresponder and newsletter are being generated now. It may take up to few minutes.

    AI campaigns generating

  4. When all AI campaign components are generated, you can Review them one by one. You can come back to AI campaigns manage screen at any time.

    AI campaigns generated

    • Landing page: You can edit content, assign own domain (or free domain provided by GetResponse) of your landing page. You can find more help with landing pages here.

      AI landing page

    • Autoresponder/Welcome email: You can select when you want us to deliver the autoresponder to your future subscribers. By default, it is set to be sent immediately after subscription. You can also change or let AI generate another subject and edit the content of your message. Here you can find more help with autoresponders.

      AI autoresponder

    • Newsletter: You can edit, send or schedule your newsletter to be sent to your subscribers. Feel free to leave it for later. It will be kept in drafts to be sent by you whenever you’re ready. Here you can find more help with editing newsletters.

      AI newsletter
  5. Your AI campaign components are all accessible on Manage AI campaigns page and also under corresponding categories: Landing pages, Autoresponders and Newsletters.