What are AI campaigns?

With GetResponse, you can quickly create an entire marketing campaign using AI with only a few simple steps. It is an easy way to create engaging and attention-grabbing components. AI campaign contains three elements:

Thanks to integration with ChatGPT you can generate visual and text content for your entire 3-piece campaigns based on your answers to a few short questions.

With every campaign, you get a premade landing page, autoresponder, and newsletter, which can be customized at any time in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Learn how to create AI campaigns.

AI campaigns are available with no limits in Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Ecommerce Marketing plans. If you are using an older paid plan, you can upgrade it to one of the current plans to get the advantage of AI campaigns.

In a Free account (within the first 30 days) you can create one AI campaign (in addition to the onboarding checklist). We do not offer AI campaigns for the Free Forever plans (after the premium period).