How do I create a message using the GetResponse mobile apps?

Both iPhone and Android apps offer the option to create and send plain text messages. When it comes to HTML messages, you can send only drafts previously saved in the browser (there is no option to edit the HTML message using the app).

iPhone app

Tap the message icon at bottom the dashboard screen and tap the “create” button in the upper right corner. Choose an email address for the From field, type a name, a subject and write your message.

When you’re done, tap Next to choose your recipients. Select multiple campaigns by selecting and deselecting them on your list of campaigns, you can also choose contacts manually. When ready, tap Next and choose whether to send the message immediately or schedule it for a future date (date picker will appear).

Android app

Go to the menu on the left and tap Newsletters, in the bottom right corner tap on the blue plus icon to open a plain text editor. Select the campaign, from email, type in the subject and the message content. Click the arrow at the bottom to hyperlink the text with the URL (not available in the iPhone app).

Tap the next step to select the campaigns to which the message should be sent and when ready tap Send now or the clock icon to schedule the time.