How can I customize my Dashboard with widgets?

GetResponse widgets give you the ability to customize your Dashboard. You can add as many as you need, in combinations that let you see the data you need the most. You can reposition them, change their settings, or remove them when they are no longer needed.

Use widgets to set up quick actions, or monitor at a glance your list size, newsletter and autoresponder statistics, survey information, workflow statistics, or statistics for landing pages, webinars, or forms.

Monitor subscriptions and list activity

  • List size

Sort by name, size, contacts added, and contacts removed. It is useful for tracking changes to your contact lists.

  • New contacts

Monitor subscription numbers for one or more lists over a specific subscription period. The line graph shows whether your subscription numbers are increasing, decreasing, or staying steady. See the total number of subscriptions or switch between lists for list-specific statistics.

Keep track of messages

  • Newsletter stats

Check open rates and click rates for the last-sent newsletter in a selected list.

  • Autoresponders

View your autoresponder list, check the open rates, and see the number of contacts receiving the autoresponder.

Track visits and sign-ups

  • Landing page stats

View the numbers for unique visitors, page visits, new contacts, and sign-up rate over a specific subscription period.

  • Form stats

View the numbers for unique visitors, form views, new contacts, and sign-up rate over a specific subscription period.

  • Webinar stats

View the number of attendees and attendance rates, see the number of unique visitors and how many invitations you’ve sent.

  • Survey stats

Monitor how many people have visited and completed your survey.

Monitor how many people have finished your workflows

See how many people have completed the workflows, and how many are still in them. The widget displays information for published and unpublished workflows. You can select the time range for which you’d like to see the results.

Create up to 5 shortcuts for the most frequently used tools

  • Quick actions

Your selection of links to newsletter, web form, landing page, webinar, workflow, autoresponder, and survey creators. Plus, a quick link to Add contacts.

How can I add more widgets and change my widget settings?

Each widget has two sides—the front, which shows you all the data, and the back, which displays the settings. To get to the settings, click the Settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner. To return to the data side, click Cancel or Save (if you’ve changed anything).

To add more widgets, move the mouse pointer over the plus sign in the lower right corner. The plus will expand into an Add new widget button. Click the button to go to the widget library. Scroll to find the right widget, then click the plus sign to add it to the dashboard. Newly added widgets show the settings (back) side first. Configure the widget and click Save.

Any time you want to edit or delete a widget, simply click Actions. Then, change the settings and click Save, or click Remove this widget.