Can I give other people access to my account?

It’s possible to share specific aspects of your account with others. The Team add-on is a team management feature that lets you add users, managed by you: the admin. With this add-on, you can:

You can assign the predefined and custom roles to your team based on your workflow, business strategies, and the breakdown of responsibilities in your organization. You can assign specific user privileges to team members based on their tasks and responsibilities in your organization. You can use one of the predefined roles or create a new one and tailor the permissions to fit your company profile.

For example, you work with a team that consists of an administrator, designer, and copywriter. The administrator oversees the entire process. The designer designs the layout of your newsletters, and the copywriter creates text for your messages. You can use two of the predefined roles—Administrator and Designer—and create a new one for the copywriter.

Each role grants the users access to specific areas of your account (the areas they don’t have access to won’t appear in their panel view). Each user receives a unique login and password to access the GetResponse account. They can reset the password at any time. For your protection, users can’t access Billing. They also won’t be able to change their email address.

Where can I access the feature?

If you have the Email Marketing account, be sure to purchase the Team add-on first. The Email Marketing package doesn’t include the option to add users. Go to our help materials if you want more information on how to add the feature to your account or change the number of users with access to it.

To access the team management page:

  1. Drop down the Profile menu and click on the Team link. This will take you to your Team management page.

  2. Use the tabs in the side menu to go to:
    1. Manage users, where you can activate users and assign roles to them
    2. Manage roles. From there, you can add users and add and assign roles to them.