Can I record my webinar?

Yes. If the plan you purchased includes webinars, you can record your webinars. The recording feature is also available when you buy the Webinars add-on. The recording is not available in free trials.

The maximum time allotted for a single webinar recording depends on the number of attendees you pay for:

Webinars 100 – 3 hours

Webinars 300 – 6 hours

How do I record my webinar?

To start recording, click the Rec button in the top menu of the webinar room. When you see the Rec button highlighted in red, the webinar is being recorded. Note that you can start recording before the webinar starts.

To stop recording, click the Rec button again and confirm the action. When you stop recording, we automatically save your webinar in MP4 format. You can start recording again during the same session, provided the previous recording didn’t exceed the 3- or 6-hour time limit.

Note that there is no pause feature. Each recorded webinar fragment will be available as a separate MP4 file.

If you exceed the recording time limit included in your plan, the recording continues but you won’t be able to start a new one until you free the time credit.

Can I download webinars?

After the session ends, your recording is available for download. Go to Dashboard>>Webinars. On the Manage webinars page, click the Recording icon under the name of your webinar. Select Download recording. If you stopped recording and resumed during a webinar, you’ll see multiple files. Click the Download button to save them on your computer.

How do I manage recording space?

To record future webinars, you will need a free time slot. That’s why you need to control the duration (rather than the size) of your stored recordings.

The total duration of all recordings you keep in your account can’t exceed 3 or 6 hours (depending on your plan). You can keep several recordings, but the sum of their play time can’t go beyond time limit featured in your plan.

To release storage space for upcoming recordings, you can delete existing files. Be sure to download the files before you delete them from your GetResponse account. Then click the Delete link.

Recording details

Video bitrate – 640 kbps
Audio bitrate – 64 kbps
Framerate – 20 fps
Resolution – 1280 x 720 px
Height – 720 px
Width – 1280 px