Dedicated Online Marketing Platform and Personalized Solutions Drive Strong ROI: Forrester Study

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Imagine a place where your business could expand your reach, growth, and marketing impact, all while having dedicated, individual support from a real person, in real-time?

If it sounds too good to be true, let the hard and fast facts show you – getting more out of your marketing for less time, energy, and money isn’t beyond your grasp – it’s all right here in front of you.

A little time goes a long, long way

Study finds 305% ROI using GetResponse MAX (over 3 years)

A recent commissioned study conducted by the highly esteemed Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of GetResponse MAX, found that a business using GetResponse MAX saw a significant ROI of 305% over a 3-year span.

From effective & efficiently easy marketing automation to advanced segmentation and personalization, the company gained robust results using GetResponse MAX for all their marketing needs.

305% ROI over 3 years 

The Forrester TEI study showed measurable benefits and results. The focus of the study showed a 305% ROI over a 3-year period with the customer recovering the cost of investment in just 3 months.

Switching to a fully managed platform allowed the business to better allocate their resources and do what they do even better, while having their marketing run more effectively all in one place.

That means 3 months after switching to a fully managed platform with individual support and tailormade expert advice allowed the customer to reap the benefits over the next 33 months (and counting).

Download the full Forrester study to find out more.

Why a Forrester study? 

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of GetResponse MAX on their organizations. 

In their own words from the Forrester January 2020 blog post, Measuring Business Value Is Within Your Reach: 

“The TEI practice has developed a methodology to measure the estimated business value of a technology solution. TEI considers a variety of relevant benefit and cost categories. We then adjust each based on our confidence and variability of an estimate (AKA “risk”). This conservative approach provides a more credible outlook. 

We also consider the future potential value through the lifecycle of a technology investment based on possible optional steps that could be taken later to unlock even more value. 

You can use this TEI methodology for virtually any proposed project or investment that you and your company may be considering now or in the near future”. 

Expert automation

Marketing automation gives you the power of a programmer without any coding necessary, so you can automate your messaging, campaigns, and draw in genuine data and customer insights to keep informing the process. All automatically. 

Sure, it takes a small amount of investment up front, in time and getting to know how marketing automation best fits your unique business and needs, but once it’s set it can keep running behind the scenes to free you up to dedicate your time and energy where it’s really needed.

The top businesses, large and small, use marketing automation to their benefit by taking full advantage of this empowering feature. Using GetResponse MAX, customers accelerate their time to implementing marketing automation to the full benefit because of the dedicated Onboarding Manager and individual Account Manager immersed in maximizing the platform to a specific business and integrating the business with the platform.

To help everyone, including ourselves, see the actualized advantages of marketing automation along with a fully managed platform, we commissioned this in-depth, independent study by Forrester Consulting.

Advanced segmentation and personalization  

It’s no secret that growing as a business is challenging, and even once stability and growth have occurred, it can be a struggle for mid- and large-sized business to continue finding new sources of growth and a competitive advantage. 

This is where the feedback loop of marketing automation ­comes in, deploying communications that in turn can record insights and data based on customer actions and behavior, to better understand which messages are hitting the mark, and with which groups certain messaging in most effective. 

This allows for more personalization, through automation, which isn’t an oxymoron at all.  

The better the insights and data flowing in from your marketing platform, the better your deployment of marketing efforts becomes. Optimizing high value products and offers can make all the difference and improve results in the present and on into the future. 

The lack of personalization through segmentation leads to too many subscribers receiving too many emails, many of which are not relevant to them and are poorly targeted.  

The result is lower email metrics (open rates, click-through rates) that keep declining, which in turns cripples a company’s efficacy, efficiency, and ability to deliver relevant, valuable content and campaigns to their audience. 

The interviewees for the study said it themselves, they needed to move past limitations and find a solution that allowed them to realize their full potential: 

When you have a half-million names in a subscriber list but can’t effectively segment them for your emails, it really limits what you can do.

Production director, content aggregation company.

Leveraging insights & introducing personalization 

When a subscriber list grows, it can become cumbersome to effectively segment your audience into target groups and ensure your marketing is personalized to their interests. 

Having complex data easily stored and managed, and insights that are both understandable and actionable allows you to build segmentation and personalization into your marketing automation for pertinent, pointed messaging. 

In Forrester’s analysis of a GetResponse MAX customer they found that “using its extensive segmentation and personalization capabilities improved the impact of that customer’s digital marketing”

GetResponse MAX enabled the organization to capitalize more fully on the profile and activity data it had collected about its subscribers. By using GetResponse MAX, the organization was able to store and manage more complex data about those subscribers…. With more data synched to GetResponse MAX, the organization could more easily target people who qualified as leads for a given campaign.” 

Individual Support

The easiest way to convey it – individual support is essential to sustained success. Having one literal go-to expert Account Manager on your side allows for an abundance of opportunity, possibility, and flexibility.  

You don’t have to waste time trying to configure which tools work best for your business. If you have an idea for a campaign or even some personalization, you have someone there to talk that idea through with you and how you could optimally implement it using your marketing platform.  

It isn’t a different person every time you connect, or a bot, or an automated chat window, or just a FAQ list, it’s beyond that and more – the same tried-and-true human being immersed in your business and challenges, at the ready and armed with the knowledge and power to empower you forward. 

Plus, you can connect to our real-life support 24/7 via multiple channels, even Slack in some cases. 

From the Forrester study:

“The interviewee noted that GetResponse’s multiple communications channels for support enabled the organization to get answers quickly when questions arose.” 

“GetResponse’s support has been awesome. It’s a differentiator. Their great service helps you keep moving because you can figure stuff out fast when you need to,”

The customer, a production director at a content aggregation company. 

Improved deliverability – 95-99% 

Even with the best of the best tools and platform at your disposal, it all still comes down to the most important factor – deliverability. 

The ability to reach your current audience and valuable prospects is essential, and even a small improvement in deliverability makes a big difference. Particularly when email marketing is your main revenue driving channel.  

Forrester study found that GetResponse MAX enabled the customer to increase email deliverability from an 80-85% range to a stellar 95-99%.  

Read the full study to go in-depth and get a complete overview of how the customer increased the ability to reach their audience.  

Get more 

The value of GetResponse MAX is unique to each customer and tailored to ensure the customer reaches their full potential using the full potential of the platform. 

Beyond what we’ve discussed here, there are more options for you to consider and use when it’s needed and convenient for your business, such as more advanced dynamic content, increasing the use, depth, and scope of A/B testing, creating lading pages from professionally designed templates, connecting with your audience directly (and your team) through webinars, deploying effective social ads, and using hundreds of different integrations.

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