8 Ways to Incorporate Super Bowl XLVIII Into Your Email Marketing
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8 Ways to Incorporate Super Bowl XLVIII Into Your Email Marketing

Whether you’re a devoted football fan or just like to watch the commercials, we know you’ve got an interest in email marketing. To celebrate the game and the new Super Bowl-themed email templates we’ve just added, here’s a list of ideas for how to incorporate the big game into your email marketing playbook.

The biggest sports event of the year is coming. On Sunday, February 2nd, football fans around the world will huddle together in front of TV screens large and small to watch the Denver Broncos battle the Seattle Seahawks to win the NFL World Championship.

1. Just add Velveeta… or don’t

No Super Bowl party is complete without nachos or dip, but this year many may have to go without. There is a shortage of Velveeta, the essential ingredient of many football related recipes.

Kraft, the company that makes Velveeta, has announced there may not be Velveeta to go around in the next few weeks, due to “a combination of factors” including “higher demand”. A run on Velveeta before the Super Bowl is not too surprising, but that’s not the only problem. Kraft has recalled over a half million cases of Velveeta products, including Velveeta pasta and ground beef items, because the items’ packages don’t describe the ingredients properly. As Stephen Colbert quipped on his show, “What – they called it cheese?”

So there you have it: License to be as cheesy as you want, especially if your subscribers are foodies.

2. $4 million dollar Superbowl ads

If your readers are interested in money or spending or advertising, there’s an easy play to be made with the cost of Super Bowl ads. This year’s ads cost $4 million for a 30 second spot, and some went for $4.5 million.

All 65 ad slots were sold out by the first week of December 2013. Even as far back as August, The FOX network had sold 85% of it’s inventory. Clearly, even at deliriously high prices, they had no trouble selling air time for the Super Bowl. Industry experts expect the prices to rise even higher next year.

It begs the question – what would you do with $4 million dollars? Or, what would you say if you had 30 seconds of spotlight in front of the largest audience in the world? There’s still plenty of time to ask your subscribers that, either via email or social media, and put together a killer email message.

If you’re talking to a marketing audience, the $4 million price tag begs another question: What does a $4 million dollar ad slot buy, and how could it be better spent?

3. It’s all about the TV

The Super Bowl is THE televised event of the year, so if your business is in any way connected to the big screen, or entertainment in general, there’s a move you’ve got to make. Here’s an email by FireFold, a consumer electronics company, sent out recently:

Firefold Super Bowl newsletter

Here’s another example from Electronic Express:

Electronic Express Super Bowl newsletter

4. Party supplies

The Super Bowl means Super Bowl parties – nobody wants to watch it alone. If you help people get together, or throw parties, or entertain in any way, go talk to your general manager about putting an email together on how to tie your products or services to having a great Super Bowl party.

If you happen to do anything with fermented beverages, I’m sure you know Super Bowl Sunday is a VERY big sales day.

Budweiser would never let itself get caught in the same squeeze as Velveeta. It spent $1.2 billion dollars to have Bud Light named as the official beer of the NFL. Talk about golden suds!

5. Be a fan

Football apparel is big business. Just ask Modell’s, a Boston-based sporting good supplier that bet big on their beloved New England Patriots getting into this years’ Super Bowl. Sadly, the Pats lost to Denver on Sunday, and now Modell’s is going to have to donate $500,000 in Super Bowl XVLIII Patriots apparel. That stings, but least they didn’t buy a Super Bowl ad, too.

Modell Super Bowl newsletter

6. Football and…. jewelry?

We don’t generally associate big hulking guys crashing into each other with things that sparkle, but there actually are rings involved on the big day. Each member of the winning team gets a nice shiny souvenir from the National Football League – The Super Bowl ring.

If you do jewelry, Super Bowl bling is in play. Just ask Alex and Ani, who have created bangles for each team:

Alex&Ani Jewelry newsletter

7. Wardrobe malfunctions

Will halftime shows ever be the same after Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”? If your readers are into clothes, how could they resist an email titled “10 Wardrobe Malfunctions We’d Love to See This Sunday”? Sadly, this year’s wardrobe mishaps should be pretty tame: Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are no Miley Cyrus. Maybe next year.

8. Darkness

Who would ever have imagined the Superbowl being associated with darkness and silence? But that was what actually happened last year. 90 seconds into the second half, the entire stadium went dark for 34 minutes.

34 minutes!

If you sell emergency preparedness, there’s a goldmine here. Doesn’t everybody need a hand crank flashlight to watch the Super Bowl with now… just in case?

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