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Wickedly-Effective Halloween Email Templates for 2024

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Shhh! something’s coming. In fact, it’s here now! Never fear. As usual, the friendly spirits of the GetResponse Team have prepared a ghostly surprise – spooky newsletter, landing page, and web form templates for your Halloween promotions and specials.

If you’re looking for Halloween templates, you’ve come to the right place. But if eerie ideas for email marketing campaigns is what you’re after, then our guide to Halloween Emails will surely give you the chills.

No tricks, just treats! So don’t be afraid to send your Halloween newsletters with these shocking themes. (Did I just hear a bloodcurdling scream in the employee lunchroom?)

Planning a supernatural special for the last day of October? There’s still time. Build Halloween Landing Pages to promote your offers NOW – and the next few days could be frighteningly busy.

Want more people to join your apocalypse shelter? Put a spooky web form on your website to collect contacts. (don’t’ worry – no zombies allowed!)

Halloween newsletter templates

Here are some of the free newsletter templates that you can use today.

1. Halloween Sweets

Halloween newsletter template from GetResponse featuring a big headline that says – Spooktober is here – using a zig-zag layout and halloween color theme.
Note: This template is available in the New GetResponse Email Creator.

This Halloween email template features a zig-zag layout that’s perfect for ecommerce brands. The header will help you highlight your main offer and lead your audience to the relevant page thanks to a highly-contrasting call to action button. Below the fold, you’ll find more space to describe your offer and present ways people can celebrate Halloween with your products.

2. Halloween Spook

Halloween email template including a -15% discount offer and a GIF with an animated ghost.
Note: This template is available in the New GetResponse Email Creator.

This Halloween email will help you run a quick sales campaign featuring a custom discount code. The template features a dark colored background with highly contrasting fonts and call to action button. For some extra Halloween fun, it also features an animated ghost that’ll help you capture your audiences’ attention.

3. Wicked Pumpkins

Note: This template is available in the GetResponse old Email Creator.

If you’re looking to make a longer announcement or have a story to tell, this email template will help you do this. The Halloween theme is clearly visible through the careful choice of colors and images added in the background. What’s left for you is to add your own copy and start telling the story.

4. Halloween Extravaganza

Halloween newsletter sales promotion template featuring pumpkins and spiders
Note: This template is available in the GetResponse old Email Creator.

Looking for a fun way to announce your scary good deal? Then grab this email template, share the details of your offer, and feature your best products.

5. Cute Monsters

Halloween themed newsletter template with ghosts and monsters
Note: This template is available in the GetResponse old Email Creator.

This email template will work great if you’re a publisher looking to share your latest posts. The creatures in the headline will help you share the holiday spirit and spread the fun vibe around.

6. Halloween Pattern

Halloween Contest Email Newsletter Template
Note: This template is available in the GetResponse old Email Creator.

This email template will also work great if you’re a publisher or simply have more content to share. The message doesn’t offer CTAs right away, but you can, of course, add them if you want. The main highlight, however, should be your articles, news, or events you want to share with the audience.

7. Trick or treat

Halloween newsletter template for trick or treating with ghosts, skills, and bats
Note: This template is available in the GetResponse old Email Creator.

Don’t want your Halloween email template to be dark and scary? Worry not! This template will let you lighten up your customers’ day with bright colors and irresistible discount codes.

Discount Strategy Quick Cheat Sheet

Bonus guide!

Plan a perfect discount strategy for your store with our easy guide!

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Halloween landing page templates

Or you can promote your products using these bone-chilling landing page templates.

Halloween landing page template that's perfect for a lead generation campaign. It features a strong headline, high-quality images revolving around the holiday, a signup form built for high conversions and additional sections where you can place your unique selling points, benefits, and testimonials.
Dark Themed Halloween Extravaganza Landing Page with pumpkins, spiders, bats
Halloween Party Landing Page Template
Trick or Treating Halloween Landing Page Template

Note: Some of these are available in the Conversion Funnels software, while others can be accessed via our Landing Page Creator.

Halloween signup form templates

How about building your list using these scary popups and signup forms?

Freaky Halloween Party Web Form Template
Horizontal Halloween Web Form Template with Pumpkins
Square Halloween Web Form Template with Pumpkins

Whatever you do, our psychic prediction is that your efforts will surely pay off. After all, people like to have a little paranormal pleasure, and every year the statistics prove it, in the hair-raising amount of money spent preparing for Halloween.

All you have to do is to take advantage and use our ready-made, bone-chilling templates (they’re really nice, by the way) to send out your spine-tingling offers. It would be horrifying to miss such an opportunity!

There are more than 150 newsletter templates waiting for you and your audience.

Just start your free trial now and use them as you wish!

Have you received an interesting Halloween email? Or have you been running Halloween email campaigns? Tell us in the comments. Don’t be scared; we won’t bite – maybe 😉

Happy Halloween!


Karolina Kurcwald
Karolina Kurcwald
Karolina is a brand messaging consultant and copywriter for SaaS and B2B tech. She helps brands clearly define what sets them apart from the competition and communicate it in a way that resonates with their customers. As a career coach, she also helps people in the creative and tech industries find and communicate their value to potential employers. Catch her at: