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Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

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Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

What’s inside:

Want to scale your ecommerce business, sell more products, and turn your customers into brand advocates?

Get this guide to learn how marketing automation can help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Why you should build a quality email list
  • How to use SEO and paid ads to attract the right traffic
  • How to capture leads effectively using web forms and landing pages
  • Why and how you should segment your ecommerce list

It also features comments from some of the top industry experts:

  • It is important to discover the impact each customer segment has in your business. Doing so, you will be able to personalize the whole customer journey with the right message, at the right time at every touch point: email, ads, social media and your website.

  • One of the best, and most underused ways to leverage SEO for ecommerce is to manage a blog. Sure, you’ve heard this a thousand times. But how many blogs that accompany ecommerce blogs dedicate most of their content to selling the products. I’ll answer it for you: too many.

  • Ecommerce websites need to have a dedicated approach to search engine optimization because of the particularities these types of website have. First of all, the main issue to handle while doing SEO for an ecommerce business is reducing duplicate content to an absolute minimum.

  • In ecommerce, transactions are paramount, right? If you’re not thinking about lead gen forms as transactions, you’re making a mistake. The visitor might not be giving you money, but they’re giving you something else that’s valuable: their email. What are you giving them in return? The answer to that question is your value proposition.

  • Before starting another paid campaign, study your audience first using Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics. With these tools you'll learn how to target your customers properly and get to understand who they really are. Not to mention the money you’ll save in the process.

On top of that, you’ll see inspiring campaign examples you’ll want to implement in your ecommerce marketing communications plan. Interested in how to run onboarding, post-purchase, win-back, re-engagement, or customer success campaigns? Then wait no more and get this guide.

Get the guide