Exclusive report by GetResponse & Kath Pay:

The State of Email Marketing by Industry
January 2016

The largest global marketing research project in history.

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Email Marketing Benchmarks: Industry Stats & Recommendations for 2016

Kath Pay

Kath Pay is the CEO of Holistic Marketing and was named one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers. In this exclusive webinar, she discusses key email marketing highlights from 2015 across 15 different industries. Along with GetResponse Content Marketing Manager Michal Leszczynski, Kath shares also her best business practices for online campaign management in 2016.

GetResponse surveyed 1831 marketers on the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns
and analyzed 704,090,593 emails. Here are a few of the key results:

  • Average open rate for
    all industries: 21.73%

  • computer icon
  • Average click-through
    rate for all industries: 3.57%

  • Industries with the highest
    average open rates and CTR: Legal Services
    & Nonprofits

  • Continents where emails get
    the highest open rates: South America
    & Europe

  • Companies that rate email
    marketing as the most
    effective marketing channel: 64%

“The State of Email Marketing 2015 by Industry”

GetResponse, in collaboration with Smart Insights and Kath Pay, prepared a report to establish industry benchmarks and outline paths for improvement.

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The State of Email Marketing 2015 by Industry

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The State of Email Marketing 2015 by Industry


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