What are bounces and complaints?

A bounce is an email that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Bounces fall into 2 basic categories.

Hard bounces are permanent blocks, such as an email address that does not exist or has been deleted. Such email addresses are removed from the list straight away.

Soft bounces are email addresses removed after we have detected delivery issues such as an email inbox that is full, a mail server that is temporarily unavailable or the recipient no longer has an e-mail account at that address. In such cases, we try to deliver any further messages 3 more times within a 32 day period (we take 4 attempts altogether). If all our attempts fail, the email address that couldn’t receive the messages will be automatically removed from your mailing list to prevent your mailing list from becoming cluttered with bad emails.

The bounce classified as mailbox recycled, which is also a part of soft bounces, means that email address was abandoned by its owner and the Email Service Provider has recycled this address, making it available to another person. After detecting this bounce we delete the email address from your list right away.

Email addresses classified as other hard bounce are removed from the list after 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts over the course of a 32 day period.

GetResponse automatically removes all bounced email addresses from your list, so they no longer receive messages from you. You can view the list of contacts removed due to bounce under Lists>>Search by selecting the Inactive number of contacts and choosing Bounced.

Complaints are messages that are marked and registered by the receiver as spam. The contacts removed after marking the message as spam are not available in the account. It is not possible to see which email addresses marked your message as Spam.

To see statistics for complaints and bounces, choose Reports from the Dashboard screen. Then, you can select the message you want to check in the Email Analytics. Complaints and bounces are summarized separately in the Totals row, with details at the bottom of the screen. Use the dropdown menus to view complaints and bounces for specific campaigns and messages. To learn how to decrease Spam complaint ratio, see How can I decrease the Spam Complaint ratio?.

If you have noticed an increased bounce or spam complaint ratio, please contact our Compliance team at gr-compliance@cs.getresponse.com