Where can I find and edit my account settings?

To manage your account settings, hover your mouse pointer over the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the Dashboard to expand a drop-down menu. Next, select Manage account.

Use the side menu to switch between sections:

Account details

Review and edit your name, email, address, time zone and company information.

It’s not possible to change the country for your account from Account details. Please contact our Customer Success team for assistance.

Change password

Change your account password, if needed.

Email addresses

Add “From” email addresses and set the default “From” email address.

Landing page domains

Add your own domain or subdomain. In this tab you can also remove them, view their status and check how many landing pages live under a given domain or subdomain.

GetResponse badge

Review GetResponse badge information. If you have a paid account, you can decide if you want to keep it or disable it.

Predefined text

Add your own predefined text which you can later easily include in the content of your messages.

Login history

Review your complete login history.

Consent fields

Create fields that you will later use to collect consent from your contacts before they subscribe to your list.

Two-factor authentication

Protect your account from unwanted logins with a verification code. Check more details here.