What is Time Travel and how does it work?

Time Travel delivers your email at a specific local time, regardless of where your subscriber is located geographically. If you want your email to be delivered precisely at 9am to each subscriber, you can achieve it with Time Travel, no matter if they’re in New York, Los Angeles or Shanghai.

Example: Your account time zone is set to United States – (GMT-5:00) America/New York. You schedule your message to be sent at 9am your local time. With Time Travel enabled, John, who is located in London, will get the message at 9am too, although the difference between your time zone and John’s is 5 hours.

How to enable Time Travel in my message?

You can enable the Time Travel option in your newsletters, autoresponders and automation messages.


  1. Go to Email Marketing tab.
  2. Click on the Create newsletter button.
  3. Scroll down the newsletter creation page and click Schedule for later.
  4. Enable Time Travel.


  1. Go to Autoresponders tab.
  2. Click on the Create autoresponder button.
  3. In Autoresponder settings, choose Exactly at and specify the time.
  4. Enable Time Travel.

Automation workflow

  1. Go to your workflow.
  2. In the Wait block, enable Time Travel.

Tutorial video

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