What are the Lead qualifying templates used for?

The Lead qualifying templates help you group your contacts by their types and levels of engagement (for example, how often they click the links in your messages). Once they reach a certain score or are given a specific tag, you can make them the focus of your next sales campaign. With the information they help you gather, you can be sure that you are sending content that your contacts will be interested in and more willing to check out your offer.

Basic tagging plan

Basic tagging plan lets you identify your contacts based on the type of their engagement. It automatically assigns tags based on the type of offer your contacts respond to. This will help you segment your contact list based on the contacts’ interests and behavior, which means you can send them relevant offers in the future.

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Basic scoring plan

Basic scoring plan lets you identify your contacts based on the level of their engagement. It automatically adds or subtracts score for your contacts’ activity, such as email opens, clicks, or list signups. It continues to adjust their score based on your contacts’ actions.

This template assumes that you’re sending at least 1 newsletter or message per week. If you don’t send that frequently, you may:

  • increase the wait time in the properties for the Message opened condition, or
  • skip subtracting points by deleting the Score element that’s linked to the “if no” (red) connector.

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