How do I remove a list of contacts?

If you want to delete all data connected to a list, then remove the entire list from your account.

How to remove a list?

1. Click on Lists from the Dashboard toolbar.
2. Hover over the Actions icon (vertical ellipsis) to expand the menu.
3. Select Delete and confirm you’d like the list to be deleted. Note: It’s not possible to delete the default list.

Keep in mind that when you delete the list, GetResponse will:

  • Delete all the messages connected to it, including drafts, A/B tests, and autoresponders.
  • Delete all the forms connected to it.
  • Delete all the segments connected to it.
  • Delete all contacts on the list, including deals added to CRM.
  • Delete all statistics connected to it.
  • Delete all Conversion funnels connected to it.
  • Keep the landing pages connected to it. We will unpublish the page and replace the deleted list with your default list.
  • Keep the workflows connected to it, but the elements that have the deleted list in them will go blank. You will need to either delete the workflow or edit it to replace the inactive elements. The workflow will also be switched off.

If you’re looking for information on lists removed in your account, contact our support

How to restore a list?

A list can be restored by our support agents. If you wish to restore a list you deleted, contact our support.

After 30 days since the list removal Contacts on the list will not be restored.

How to remove contacts from a list?

If you just want to remove contacts but keep the list itself, follow this process:

1. Go to Contacts >> Lists.
2. Click on the name of the list from which you want to remove contacts.
3. Hover over the Actions icon (vertical ellipsis) to expand the menu.
4. Select Delete from list to remove contacts from that specific list or Delete from account to remove these contacts from all the lists in the account.

Delete contacts from list or account menu.

Once the contacts are removed, you won’t be able to send messages to them. Contacts deleted manually can be restored within 60 days. During that time, we’ll only store Contacts’ data without any other processing activities for the sole purpose of investigating complaints and subject to our obligations or rights arising from applicable laws or public authority orders.

You can access your deleted contacts in your inactive list.