How to maintain list hygiene?

List hygiene is a set of practices you use to ensure good quality of your list. In your GetResponse account, it is also a name for a functionality that gives you the ability to remove and blacklist contacts from your lists.

Maintaining list hygiene means:

  • getting rid of email duplicates that might have accumulated over time,
  • keeping your contact list fresh,
  • blacklisting any undesirable email addresses and domains that can negatively impact your marketing strategy.

However, list hygiene starts even before contacts are in your account. Your list needs to be permission-based. Avoid adding contacts just to increase your list size. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Taking care of the quality of your contact database improves deliverability, increases open- and click-rates, and fosters customer engagement.

What does in mean that a list is permission-based?

All lists that don’t require a double opt-in must to be permission-based. This means that you need explicit, first-hand permission from people to add them to your list.

Lists that aren’t permission-based:

  • “safe-lists”, third party lists, and co-registered lists. Purchasing a list from a third party does not make it permission-based.
  • lists that include your friends and family. Only because you know them doesn’t automatically mean they’ve agreed for you to add them to your database.
  • lists of emails you found on LinkedIn
  • lists that are 6 months or older. If you’ve had this list for so long and haven’t been in touch with people on it, the chances are high that some people have withdrawn their consent.

Check your list for quality before you upload it—remove bounces, unsubscribed addresses, and invalid addresses. And remember: always give people the option to unsubscribe from your list.

How can I increase contact engagement?

There are two primary strategies to increase contact engagement:

  • fixing a stale list and engaging people in a reconfirmation campaign
  • deleting non-engaged contacts. In GetResponse, a non-engaged contact is a person who doesn’t open 2 reconfirmation messages. Note: We recommend you stop at 2 reconfirmation messages to avoid spam complaints.

To find non-engaged contacts, you’ll need to do an Advanced search. If there are contacts you’d like to remove from your list or account for this or any other reason, you can also go to the List hygiene page, and remove them from there.

Should I blacklist non-engaged contacts?

You should only blacklist those emails and domains that you want to prevent from re-subscribing or adding to your lists. We recommend you use your own discretion when creating blacklisting rules.

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