How can I manually remove contacts from my list?

You can remove individual contacts or a group of contacts from your lists. To start, go to Dashboard>>Lists and click Show all contacts.

Removing individual contacts from a specific list

  1. Click Advanced search to open the advanced search criteria.
  2. Click All selected lists and select the list from the available options. The contacts in the list will be displayed below.
  3. Click the Actions menu icon (vertical ellipsis) and select Remove from list. This deletes the contact from this list only.

Removing multiple contacts from a specific list

  1. Follow steps 1-2, just like you would if you were to remove a single contact.
  2. Review the results and select the contacts you’d like to remove.
  3. Go to the Actions list up top and select Remove from list.

Note: Clicking Remove from account will remove them from all the lists they’re in.

You can find the contacts you removed by hand by searching for inactive contacts in Advanced search.

You can also remove contacts from multiple lists, especially if you’d like to remove duplicates. To learn how to do it, please go to How do I delete duplicates from my list