How to set up an SMTP integration? MAX

An SMTP integration lets you send transactional emails through GetResponse. To set up the SMTP connection, you need to get your SMTP credentials from GetResponse. Use them to configure the mail sending settings in your ecommerce CMS.

Note: You can also use API to send and track transactional emails. For reference, head to our API documentation.

To be able to send transactional emails through GetResponse, you need to:

Obtaining SMTP credentials

  1. Log into your GetResponse account. Then, click Transactional emails.
  2. Click Settings in the top toolbar. There, you can find the server, port, and username information.
  3. Click Generate password and give it a name. The name should help you identify what you use it for. Then, click Generate.

You can use this information to configure the SMTP server in your application. Please follow the SMTP configuration instructions provided in your CMS or online store help resources. When setting up the SMTP connection, the secure connection must be done using STARTTLS.

Generating additional passwords

In case you want to set up an SMTP integration with multiple applications, you can generate additional passwords. You can have up to 10 passwords. You can use a different password for every connection you set up. Should the security of your SMTP server be compromised in one application, the other connections won’t be affected.

To generate an additional password:
1. Go to Transactional emails>>Settings.
2. Click Generate password.
3. Enter a name that helps you identify the password. Then, click Generate.

To delete a password, click the Actions icon, and select Delete. You can remove all the passwords if you know you don’t want to use an SMTP integration.