How to send transactional emails through GetResponse? MAX

Transactional emails are emails typically triggered by your customers’ actions. For example, whenever your customers create an account, reset their password, or make a purchase, they automatically receive an email confirming or updating them on the situation.

These types of messages are usually sent to individual recipients. This feature distinguishes them from marketing emails, which are usually sent to bulk recipients.

How do I start sending transactional emails through GetResponse?

You can use the Transactional emails add-on to send your transactional emails. The add-on lets you:

  • review statistics to stay on top of sends, opens, bounces etc.,
  • monitor the sending volume,
  • review history for the past 60 days to keep track of who gets your messages, which messages they receive, and when.

You send and track transactional emails through GetResponse via SMTP or API. After you’ve purchased the add-on, you will need to use an SMTP or API integration to start sending messages through GetResponse.

Note: The add-on allows you to use GetResponse as a transactional email sending service only. To create messages, you should use message templates available in your ecommerce CMS or use one of your own plain text or HTML messages.

Learn more about message configuration

How do I get the Transactional emails add-on?

The Transactional emails add-on is available in MAX² accounts only. If you’re already a MAX²account owner, please contact your Customer Experience Manager for assistance. If you’re considering getting a MAX² account, please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

What are the billing and pricing options for the add-on?

Transactional emails is a paid add-on. Its price is based on a monthly send limit. Our Customer Experience Managers and Sales Representatives will work with you to help you select the solution that best suits your business needs.