How to give a team member access to GetResponse Chats?

You can grant your team members access to GetResponse Chats. Each team member with access to GetResponse Chats will have a separate account and will be able to manage your chats.

To give a team member access to GetResponse Chats:

  1. Go to Profile and select Team.
My account and Team tabs shown.
  1. Go to the Roles tab.
Roles tab shown.
  1. Select the user, click on the action menu (vertical ellipsis), and click on Edit role.
Action menu and Edit role shown.
  1. On the Role details page, scroll down to the Chats section and choose one from the following options:
  • They don’t have access to Chats.
  • They can start new chats, view active and closed chats, view statistics, and edit the avatar.
  • They have full administrator access to Chats, including the settings.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.