How do I add a page from an external URL to the site menu?

You can include an external website into your side menu. It can be a web address, website or landing page created in GetResponse, email address, phone number, document or a custom protocol.

To add a page from a link go to:

  1. When in the Website Builder editor, click on the Manage pages button.
  1. Click on the Add link icon.
  1. Add details to the link’s settings accordingly to the link type you select. Then click on the Save button.

There are several types of links you can use. Make sure to choose the right type.

External page or website – use it to link another site with a URL.
Landing page – select a GetResponse landing page that you want to open.
Email address – add an email address that will be contacted after clicking the link.
Phone number – add a phone number that will be called after clicking the link.
Custom protocol – use to it embed protocols.
Document – add a file you want to open with the link.
Website – select another website created with the GetResponse Website Builder.
Current website – assign the link to the current website. Choose the page you want it to open.

The link will be added to the site menu and you can manage it as a page in the Manage Pages toolbar.