How to post Twitter and Facebook updates when I send a newsletter?

To be able to post your newsletter to Twitter feed and Facebook timelines, you need to integrate your GetResponse account and, respectively, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Then, you can enable the updates within Sharing settings of your newsletter.

Note: You can integrate the accounts on the Integrations page. Or, you can do that directly within newsletter Sharing settings. Please remember that the Facebook integration requires you to reauthorize it every 60 days. You can do that directly within newsletter Sharing settings.

How to set up the updates?

  1. Log into your Facebook account (or Twitter, if you’d like to add your Twitter account).
  2. In a separate tab or window, log into your GetResponse account and go to Email marketing > Newsletters and click Create newsletter.
  3. Click Sharing and turn on the Facebook (or Twitter) integration. The next steps depend on whether your accounts are already connected. Go to Step 5 if you’ve already done the integration.
  1. To integrate the accounts first, click Add Twitter/Facebook account.

    You can also take this shortcut to connect to proper social media accounts.

    – If you’re already logged into Facebook (or Twitter), the account will be added automatically.
    – If you haven’t, a pop-up will appear asking you to log in (be sure to allow pop-ups in your browser). Once you enter the login information, the accounts will integrate.
  2. Select the Page or account and add the message you’d like to appear in the timeline alongside the link to your newsletter archive.

That’s it, you’ve just set up your Twitter or Facebook to update once you send your newsletter. Once you finish complete editing all the settings you can proceed to the next step in the newsletter creator and schedule or send the newsletter. Next time you’d like to post an update, simply turn the Facebook or Twitter button on. When 60 days pass, we’ll ask you to reauthorize the Facebook integration.

Where will the updates show up?

You can post the updates on your Facebook Pages and your Twitter feed. The updates will not show up on your private Facebook wall.