How can I decrease the spam complaint ratio?

There are a few reasons for spam complaints. Here are the most common ones:

  • The recipient does not recognize the sender
  • The recipient cannot locate the unsubscribe link
  • The recipient does not trust the sender (prefers to click report-spam rather than unsubscribing)
  • The recipient is not happy with the content, feels they are being coerced into opening a message by a deceptive subject line, finds the content irrelevant, among others.

Following the best email marketing practices is key to decreasing your Spam complaint ratio.

You need to build and maintain the relationship between you and your subscribers. If your subscribers recognize you and remember that they explicitly chose to join your list, the spam complaint ratio will be low. Moreover, in such a case, subscribers who are no longer interested in your mailings will be more eager to unsubscribe rather than click the spam button. Naturally, the unsubscribe process needs to be clear and obvious. Hiding the unsubscribe link may only increase the spam complaint ratio. It is a very good practice to add the unsubscribe link at the top pf your email. Simply type the instructions and add [[remove]] tag.

If your subscribers receive what they have signed up for, the complaint rate will remain low. However, if your mailings do not contain the information that your list was interested in, the complaint rate may increase. Aggressive marketing tactics that coerce subscribers to open your messages (i.e. using deceptive subject lines) may skyrocket the complaint rates and cause further issues.