Can my newsletters be viewed online?

GetResponse lets you view and share your messages online. Use the newsletter directory to display a collection of all your newsletters. You can organize your newsletters into an online catalog, product showcase, or resource center for prospects.

Your newsletter directory is accessible from list settings.

  1. Begin from the Dashboard, and then select Contacts from the top menu.
  2. Next, select the three vertical dots next to your list, and choose settings from that menu.
  3. In list settings, select the subscription tab, and locate the newsletter directory section.
  4. To see your newsletter directory, click the preview link.

To create your own branded newsletter directory, go to the general tab of list settings. Customize the general settings as required. You may provide the list title, description, upload a logo, and link it to your website. Once you’re finished, click save general settings.

The newsletter directory is also accessible using search engines. Visitors can search by category at the GetResponse Newsletter Directory. If you’d prefer that your messages not show up in search results, you can disable this option. In the subscription section of list setting, click the index in search engines toggle.


Note: Once you switch indexing off, the decision may not be reversible. If you turn indexing back on, search engines may not index your messages again, or else the process may take a while.