How can I change the settings of my pages? Video

You can customize slug URLs, names, social media images and visibility options for all pages on your website.

Each page has its own settings.

To edit page settings, go to:

  1. When in the Website Builder editor, click on the Manage pages button.
  1. Hover over the vertical ellipsis on the right and click on Settings.
  1. In the Settings window click on the General settings tab.

You can edit the following settings:

  • Page name
    This name will be used in the site menu.

    Click here to learn more about the site menu.

  • Change URL slug
    Slug is the last part of the URL, also known as directory. By default we use the page’s name, but you can edit it here.

  • Enable page
    Enabling this toggle make your page accessible for visitors. Disabling it turns it offline.

  • Schedule Page
    If your page is disabled (with the toggle above) you can plan when to enable it with this option.

  • Hide from menu
    This option will hide the page from the site menu, but the page will still be accessible under its URL.
  1. You can edit the image that will be displayed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter after somebody shares your website there.

    To change it, click on the Social media tab and add your image in the box below.

Note: changes are saved automatically when you click outside the text box.

  1. Repeat this process for each page on your website.