How to add a contact to the autoresponder cycle manually? Video

If you want to add a particular contact to the autoresponder cycle, move them to the list with the autoresponder cycle and make sure to check the Add to the cycle on day option. Learn more about how to move contacts.

For individual contacts, you can also click their name and edit the Autoresponder section by typing the day of the cycle you want to start them on.

Our system doesn’t trigger autoresponder messages for contacts that have been in the queue to get it if you edit the message and Press Save and Publish.

The message was scheduled to go out on day 0 on Thursday, but people sign up on Wednesday (which automatically puts them in the queue for message 0 until the next day). If you edit the message and press Save and Publish (even with no changes made), the contact is kicked out of the queue and will not get the message.