Lead Generation For Beginners #FreebieMonday
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Lead Generation For Beginners #FreebieMonday

Over the past year or so you probably heard the term "Content is king" echo through the internet. What's more, you most likely already know that content is a sure way to generate email leads. While it is true that content is your key to success, there are also other ways that you can lock down your leads. 

However to reach that success, tracking content consumption is what makes sure that you don't just create random leads, but that you get quality prospects. Idio wrote about the importance of quality over quantity, but how does one go for quality? Research showed that what a prospect reads before he becomes a lead is hugely influential in understanding their needs, which in turn impacts your marketing strategies - helping you reach the right customer whose needs are met.


Quality Reads

Top-notch content could be anything from guides, webinars, blog posts, or whitepapers that are made available to potential prospects either after sign-up or through “pay with a tweet.”

However to amplify the reach of that content or to get even more leads through them, you should start bartering:


What exactly is bartering? It is the exchange of goods or services. This type of cooperation can be beneficial to both parties. Normally people exchange goods, but in content, you can trade your skills and knowledge. As you saw in the above excerpt of the Lead Generation Checklist For Beginners, you can get a plug from a well-known list owner just being a part of their content.

Essentially, this is guest posting on steroids. Of course you could just write a guest post and add a link to your website in the bio, but what if you took bartering a step further?


Quality Sells

Online marketers are usually experts in their field, their knowledge (And last name) could draw in substantial amounts of leads. Both you and owners of big lists can be promoted. Discounts or different forms of cooperation are a great way to build a qualified list of new prospects.


A sure way to sell you product, increase traffic to your website, and most of all - skyrocket your lead generation is through a webinar.

Not only are you targeting specific people, who want to spend their time on hearing more about what you can do for them, but you are also generating QUALITY leads. Now, take that and multiply it by inviting a guest speaker who is a leader in their field? You can offer them your services and in return they speak for your audience.

Thought leaders have big lists and if they will appear on your website, so will their followers. And if they like what they see, surely you can count on those leads. Also, through webinars you create a super targeted list, you can use that list to create customer-specific products.


Maybe webinars are not your thing, that’s ok! Get in touch with owners of big lists and offer discounts to their subscribers. They can promote your business by sharing the news that you are offering an exclusive discount for that specific group of people. Isn’t that easy?

Discounts can go both ways. A known marketer might promote you on their website or social media by letting you write for their blog or newsletter, while you can share a discount to their services on your website. It is all about trading. What can you offer? What can someone gain though that offer?


Quality Leads

Sponsoring other’s content by giving it away as freebie in your newsletter, offering a discount on your services though special offer sign-ups, or creating buzz by being promoted by thought leaders are great ways to get your business out there.

However, it is not just about getting people to hear about you. You have to make sure that once they come to your page they see that you offer valuable goods and leave their contact information. Use a clear sign-up form, make sure that your subscribe button is visible and attractive, create a customer loyalty program, link to sample issues to give subscribers a taste of what they can gain by signing-up.

lead-generation-checklist-for-beginnersThese are just a few of many ideas to help you generate a great list! If you are still in need of inspiration, download the entire Lead Generation Checklist For Beginners for free as part of our #FreebieMonday and start checking off for success. Share with us in the comments below how many points you checked off with ease and what others you might add to your checklist.

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