Facebook Lead Ads and GetResponse: How to Get More Subscribers
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Facebook Lead Ads and GetResponse: How to Get More Subscribers

Are you like most marketers who want to get more eyes on their newsletter – and do it with fewer frustrations and fuss? Let me walk you through how Facebook Lead Ads can make it happen.

Facebook Lead Ads make it super simple to collect information about potential subscribers. Beyond their name and contact details, you can even use the platform to gauge quirkier preferences – such as whether they like pistachio or vanilla ice cream, or are fans of summer sports over winter ones. With the option to create custom questions, the sky really is the limit.

How do you get set up with Facebook Lead Ads – and upload your list into GetResponse? Just follow these simple steps.

Editor’s note: Don’t forget that there are also other types of advertising campaigns you can run on Facebook. You can now create Lookalike Audiences or run retargeting campaigns using your own list or segment. It’s all available in the GetResponse Facebook Ads tool.


Create your Facebook Lead Ads

1. Start by creating a new campaign. Then choose lead generation as your target:


Facebook Lead Ads New Campaign Lead Generation


2. Enter a campaign name:


Facebook Lead Ads Lead Generation Campaign Name

3. You can select standard ad sets, as well as set the target group. Let’s say you sell dog food. So you choose to target people who own or are interested in Labradors, as well as pet food:


Facebook Lead Ads target people's interests


4. Set the budget and ad schedule:


Facebook Lead Ads Budget and Schedule


5. Next, it’s time to design your campaign. You can use the same images and video as a normal campaign. Then, create your lead form by clicking on + New Form:


Facebook Lead Ads Lead Form


6. You can choose the form type, intro copy, questions, and links to your privacy policy and thank you page. In our pet food example, we’ve asked for a first name and email, and favorite type of Labrador:


Facebook Lead Ads form type intro copy


7. Now save the form and you’re ready to launch the campaign!


Upload leads to GetResponse

Completed forms should start dripping in. How do you import them into GetResponse? Choose from two easy options:

Option 1:

Navigate to the publishing tools section in Facebook, download your leads, and upload the list to your GetResponse campaign:


Facebook Lead Ads publishing tools section


Option 2:

Use our Zapier integration to automatically import leads.


Find and reward new signups

As you can see, Facebook Lead Ads makes it easy to grow your subscriber list. And because Facebook downloads some data automatically, it’s faster to get the insights you need, compared to other forms.

Remember to reward people who give you their information – since they probably won’t share it with you for nothing. You could offer a free ebook, webinar, article or something else that matches their interests.

It’s also worth running a remarketing campaign, to target people who visited your landing page but didn’t fill in the form. There’s a higher probability they’ll complete the action compared to cold leads. And that means a lower cost per lead.

Good luck!


Facebook Lead Ads and GetResponse: How to Get More Subscribers

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