Email Marketing and Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks [Webinar Recap]
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Email Marketing and Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks [Webinar Recap]

In a recent webinar, Kath Pay (CEO of Holistic Email Marketing) discussed the key findings of our email marketing & marketing automation survey for 2017 conducted earlier this year with Holistic Email Marketing, Smart Insights, and the Content Marketing Institute. We used this information to develop the Email Marketing & Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks 2017 report.

We publish these reports annually because things change. Email technology changes, consumer behavior and email habits change. So, it’s important to cover all changes that happen during the year. We’ve accounted for those changes this year, by including marketing automation and content marketing in the report. Hence, Email Marketing and Beyond.

Some of our key findings include:

  • Budget: 58% of marketers state that they’ll be increasing their budgets for email marketing in 2017.
  • Metrics of email marketing success: 29% of marketers think that increasing your mailing list is the ultimate measure of success. On the flip side, the next largest grouping, 23.3% of marketers, don’t focus on any individual metric.
  • Return on Investment (ROI):18% of survey participants said that email marketing had the highest ROI, which is still the highest rating.
  • Audiences: 41.8% B2C, 19.1% B2B, and 39.1% both B2B and B2C.
  • Tracking: 73.6% of surveyed marketers don’t track opens and clicks for each Which isn’t to say that they never track opens and clicks, but that they aren’t tracked all the time.
  • Targeting: 50.4% of surveyed marketers do not target their messages.
  • Testing: 51% of email marketers don’t proactively test and optimize their emails at all. Of the remaining survey respondents, 27.1% test subject lines only.

What can this kind of data tell us as marketers? Quite a bit. You can understand that marketers see the value in email marketing (by the increased budget, and the value placed on email marketing as a channel). But also, that many marketers haven’t learned how to take advantage of email marketing’s biggest strengths.

If you want to learn how your marketing peers are using email marketing and marketing automation, this webinar is for you. If you want to improve your email marketing, the recommendations given in the webinar tell you what you need to be doing. You’ll learn a ton about how you can use email marketing and automation more strategically.

Watch the webinar today!

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