How To Create An Irresistible Direct Mail
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How To Create An Irresistible Direct Mail

Creating direct mail (DM) is one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers as they need to curate DM campaigns in par with other digital marketing channels. There is more than one way to curate an interesting and irresistible piece of ‘Direct Mail’ content. Below are 5 great ways to make your direct mail content interesting, irresistible and thought-provoking, thus stimulating your customers and prospects to buy your products and services.

1. Add QR Codes

Adding QR codes provides access to many forms of online content from the direct mail piece. They can go to websites for more info, pages for purchasing, videos and so much more.

2. Add Social Media Buttons

Social media adds to the reach of direct mail. Tell people how to connect with you on your social media channels and make sure to allow people to make purchases from the channels.

3. High Quality Mails

Make sure the quality of images, content and other graphic images the best as it will reflect your company’s brand reputation. Also, try working on texture. This cannot be done on any digital marketing channels. For example, you may also create a sensory sample of your product to give your customers and prospects an insight into the quality products you sell. Textures create a way for people to feel your message. This can’t be done with digital channels, so how can you take advantage of it?

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4. Send Direct Mail That Comes Alive

Send direct mails that come alive by integrating with latest technology. All you need to do is to embed video url in your direct mail and when it’s scanned with specific apps, the mail comes alive by streaming the video that you embedded.

5. Try New Concepts

Grab your recipients’ attention by using new formats or concepts. For example, you can use origami, paper modeling or 3D cards, digital formats and audio cards.

By adding all the above mentioned elements to direct mail, you will not only enhance but also make it more effective and though provoking for your existing customers and prospects. It will make your make more actionable and engaging for your recipients and thus getting more response rates and a great customer experience. With all above 5 new elements your direct mail will be the only marketing channel which gives a real feel, yet with a technological edge too. The main objective of creating such irresistible mail is provide fun, though provoking and a great engaging experience for your loyal customers and new ones too.

Before creating innovating mails, make sure you have your mail design approved by country-specific postal guidelines and regulations. And yes, people love receiving direct mail, be it professional, personal or advertorial, so make sure you live up to their excitement and expectation. Be it an email message or a direct mail, no one loves receiving junk. Make sure you send a direct mail which is personalized, and target content accordingly.

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What elements do you think make an irresistible direct mail? Did we miss any in this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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