Crash Course to YouTube Content Promotion, Pt. #1
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Crash Course to YouTube Content Promotion, Pt. #1

If you’re familiar with YouTube and know how to upload and share your videos, it means you’re not a newbie, but there is a lot ahead of you. YouTube is not just for video search based on a given phrase – sit back, relax and discover the amazing possibilities of this service!

Just like I mentioned in my previous post on video hosting for business, YouTube is the leading and probably unbeatable option for the nearest future. This service hasn’t appeared out of nowhere because of a single idea that caught the public – in fact, it’s just the opposite. YouTube gathers more and more users for one simple reason: it constantly and continuously develops the service’s offer, giving new exciting options to the viewers.

YouTube TV

Did you know that you can easily watch YouTube on your smart TV? If you didn’t I can tell you it’s worth trying out. Wouldn’t it be fun use a similar interface that lets you put your desktop computer mouse away and enjoy yourself to the fullest? The feature is available under this link:

Using it, you can browse content assorted by topics, just like you were switching the channels with a remote control. It’s a brilliant idea to get find out more about the topics that interest you. Switching the Browse mode on is all it takes.

YouTube TV

There’s one thing I need to mention at this point – browsing mode can be addictive :).

YouTube Editor

Let’s imagine that you created your perfect video content and want to share it around the web. Right after uploading you noticed there’s something at the end of the recording that you don’t really want to be there. Or maybe you’re lacking the soundtrack or an annotation in your video? You can solve this straightaway using YouTube Editor.  Thanks to its own editing tools, you won’t have to burden your budget with a costly video software to fix your almost-perfect video.

Not only it lets you edit the uploaded video materials, but also create something completely new from scratch. For example, you can combine a couple of videos (both uploaded by you or found on YouTube) and make a new piece of video content with great-looking transitions between videos, add music and other features to improve your creations.

Subtitles are always welcome!

If you want to reach a large audience, consider using subtitles in your videos. Apart from making the content comprehensible to people using other languages, you will also help the viewers with hearing impediments. Google Support will tell you all you need about technical specifications for subtitles on YouTube.

There is an interesting option of subtitling the video automatically, although not many owners implement this option. Not many viewers are aware that they can use subtitling by simply clicking the icon in the video site.

To display subtitles without the need to click the icon, all you have to do is place a separate command in the Tags section:  yt:cc=on

Adding automatically displayed subtitles to your YouTube video
Adding automatically displayed subtitles to your YouTube video

It’s game time!

Never played Snake on your mobile? I don’t believe you! This classic computer game was invented in 1970 and from that time, it’s been a smash hit on every device. No matter if you play it on your console, mobile or YouTube… Just a second – did I say playing games on YouTube?

Give it a shot! While the video is loading, you can switch on the game:

  • press pause button in the video window
  • press and hold the left arrow key
  • press the up arrow key at the same time

Now, you’re ready to collect points and win!

Watch the ads you want to see

Good news for all of us who have to watch the ads that totally don’t match their interests. Everybody knows that we get more focused on the ads that respond to our lives and help us in everyday purchase decisions. Why not help both yourself and the advertisers? It sounds pretty altruistic, but if you can’t escape watching ads, isn’t it better if you watch the ones you prefer?

Using Google Ads preferences, you can untick the unwanted topics and enter only the ones that really appeal to you.

How is my video doing?

Once you upload and share your video and show it to a wider public, you’ll obviously want to know whether it has been viewed 30 times in a row by your aunt or by 30 different people all around the globe. The display counter doesn’t give you much a clue, but advanced YouTube statistics are here to tell you much more about your audience.

Thanks to these stats, you will find out about your viewers’ gender, age, geolocation, times of day when they watched your material or the actual time of the video displayed – some might have watched it from the beginning to the very end, others might have given up after the first seconds. When you place your video on different websites, you probably wonder which one brings you most traffic, don’t you? YouTube Analytics can tell this as well!

The features presented above are just the appetizer for a real content marketing feast YouTube can offer you. It holds a variety of features that will not only make your everyday activities easier, but even make it more fun and inspiring. Stay tuned for the next part!

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