Content Marketers Use These Tools To Save Time

When you first included content marketing into your overall campaign, maybe it was easy to produce creative content on a daily basis. You already had tons of ideas on your mind, so you started covering them one by one. It was fun, until you faced the writer’s block. It happens to everyone.

You’ve written so much content, and you feel intellectually challenged and exhausted. When is the perfect time to give up? Never! When you have the right tools to rely on, content creation can be a simpler task.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to hit the web looking for content creation tools and experimenting with them until you find the perfect ones. We have a list of 7 tools that fit everyone’s style.

1) Quora

This isn’t a content creation tool per se, but it’s definitely a resource you can use during the idea generation process. When you’re stuck and you have no idea what to write about, check out the relevant category on Quora. You find out the most frequent and most unusual questions people have. Then, think of a way to answer some of those questions through your posts.

If you’re still not using Quora, you should sign up as soon as possible. When you become part of the community, you’ll be able to make your own contributions. This tool is great for giving you blog post ideas, but it’s also a marketing tool with great potential.

2) Canva

When you think of content marketing, the first idea that comes to your mind is textual content. However, you’re completely aware that your audience expects diversity. Canva allows you to experiment with different designs, and it’s very useful for creating infographics.

The pre-set layouts are customizable, so you can feel free to use them without being worried that your infographics will look like everyone else’s. In addition to infographics, you can also create Kindle covers, graphics for Pinterest, posters, blog graphics, Facebook posts and cover photos, Google+ headers, Instagram posts, Twitter headers, invitations, and other types of visually-appealing content.


3) Ahrefs Content Explorer

You have an idea for the next piece you’re going to write, but how do know your audience will like it? You have to estimate the interest your target readers have before you carry on with the research and writing process.

Ahrefs Content Explorer is a great tool that content marketers can use. It launches the most popular content for any topic. The popularity, in this case, is defined by backlinks, social shares, and organic traffic. When you see the type of posts and headlines that attract the most attention, you’ll only need to come up with similar, but better ideas.

4) Ubersuggest

Long-tail keywords are an extremely important part of the content creation process. You need to know what phrases your audience is using to locate relevant sources through search engines. Ubersuggest is a free tool that gives you access to thousands of keyword ideas that have been extracted from real user queries.

You can easily copy and paste the keywords you like into an excel spreadsheet, and then you can use that document during the writing process.

5) InstaQuote

It’s clear that long-form content helps you build authority and present products, services, and websites in the best way possible. However, sometimes you don’t have time to write extensive pieces of content, or you have a limited budget that doesn’t allow you to hire a professional writer every single time you need to publish a new piece. What do you do in such case?

The worst decision would be to leave your audience without content. InstaQuote can literally save your campaign. Pick any inspiring quote or an important statement from a popular post you’ve published, and featured it across a cool background.

With this app, you’ll instantly create shareable quotes. The audience loves such content, since it’s attention-grabbing and it makes their social media feeds attractive.

6) GetResponse

Email marketing is an important part of your overall strategy. The more you nurture your email subscribers the greater authority you’ll build. These are your loyal readers, who deserve special treatment. GetResponse is a great tool for creating beautiful emails and automating their delivery at the best time for your targeted audience.

In addition, you can use the same tool for creating and publishing high-converting landing pages.

There you have it; the list of content creation tools that every marketer should rely on. Have you tried some of them? Do you have other tools to recommend? Please share your opinion in the comment section below about my first blog post for GetResponse.

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