5 Reasons to Publish Your Landing Page on Facebook


With our recently launched Landing Page Creator, it’s now easy to create squeeze pages for your business. AND you can put them on your Facebook page, too. If you’re not sure that’s something you could make use of, let me give you 5 reasons to consider, and maybe you’ll find something you’re looking for.


A landing page (or tab – to be precise) on your Facebook page lets you do several things.

1. Collect sign-ups from Facebook

It’s a great way to collect sign-ups from your fans and visitors to your Facebook page. Of course, if you need this to be the main purpose of the page, you can use our good old (well, not so old, but still very good) Facebook sign-up form app, which allows you to post your sign-up form along with some text and basic editing options.

If you need more options, though, a landing page might be your best choice. Keep reading to learn what these are.


2. Add any content you please

With Landing Page Creator, you can add virtually any content to your landing page, along with attractive graphics and just the right amount of copy – you decide. You can also use one of our ready-made templates and change anything you want.

The styling options for your sign-up form are also more flexible than in the Facebook sign-up form app (but then again, the traditional sign-up form in GetResponse lets you add custom fields, while the landing page form allows strictly defined fields only).



3. Make it your sales page

Thanks to the PayPal integration, you can place a Buy Now button on your Facebook landing page. Who said Facebook doesn’t sell? 😉

Tip: For detailed instructions on placing a Buy Now button on your landing page, watch the tutorial below:



4. Direct your fans to sites outside Facebook

With a landing page, you can direct your fans and subscribers anywhere you want: for example, link call-to-action buttons to your website or e-store. Engaged Facebook fans can make really dedicated customers!



5. Promote your landing page on Facebook

A Canvas tab on Facebook always has a dedicated link. So to collect new sign-ups and get more Customers, provide the link in your Facebook ads and share it across other social media channels, as well as in your regular timeline posts — to keep your fans informed of your great offers and opportunities.


So, how do I do that?

Create a landing page inside our Landing Page Creator. In the tab titled My landing page settings, simply switch the Facebook option to On (and authorize your Facebook page if you haven’t yet).


Tip: Remember to add a nice icon below your Facebook cover, along with a title that encourages clicks from those who visit your page. The title will be displayed below the icon and on the top of your landing tab.



The Facebook landing tab created in GetResponse comes with a default icon and title, but you can change it to whatever you want. To do that, click the arrow on the right of the tabs list below your cover photo,



then click the pen icon in the upper right corner of your landing page icon and choose Edit Settings.



Upload an icon of your choice (the dimensions must be 111×74 pixels) and change the title.

Then share the links to your Facebook landing pages with us!

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