30 Productivity Apps For Every Situation
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30 Productivity Apps For Every Situation

Modern life is weird. We’re awash in conveniences, yet our time has never been more cramped. We’re spoiled with choices, but all the decision-making just stresses us out. For some of us, it’s downright paralyzing.

I’m pretty sure our ancestors did not wake up in bed and check their calendars on parchment. They did not need org charts to make shoes. And nobody stressed out about managing their mail.

But we do. And we have to. The pace of life today is fast – the demands are intense. The struggle, as we like to say, is real. The ability to get stuff done is a practically modern day superpower – if you have it. And if you do have it, you want more of it.

None of this is going to change. Despite the stress, most of us love the benefits of the modern world. We’re addicted to our phones – by choice. We crave the next new thing.

So if you’re going to live this modern life – if you’re going to love it, and seize it and claim your destiny, why not embrace all the crazy demands? Why not try to achieve superhuman productivity? Even if it means to improve everything you do, marginally?

If you’re up for it, these apps can help.

Task managers

The most essential productivity apps simply help you manage your to-do list. According to general consensus, these are the best.

1) Wunderlist

This task manager also lets you share your to-do list with others. So if you and your partner need to plan a vacation or optimize a grocery run, you’re set. It also lets you save web pages for later, or store files. There’s a free basic version.

For Android or for iPhone. Or for Chrome. Wunderlist can even manage recipes!


2) ToDoist

This has all the usual task management and calendar management features, plus a way to save articles and Google docs to read later, and a way to manage Amazon gift lists. 6 million users can’t be wrong, right? Free.

For Android or for iPhone or for Chrome.

3) Any.do

Any.do even beats ToDoist – it’s got 15 million users. Cool features include being able to add tasks by voice or its ability to talk to other apps (à la IFTTT)

For Android or for iPhone or for Chrome. The basic version is free.

4) Trello

Trello’s hard to define… mostly because it’s so darn flexible. It does work as a task manager – and very well. But you can also use it as a content development management system, as an event planner, or for almost anything else.

Just for my two cents: If I could only use ten apps, Trello would make that list.

For Android or iPhone or desktop.

Information organization and retrieval

We can’t keep it all in our heads. Not our to-do lists, or our calendars, or even the list of articles we want to read later. But it’s okay. That’s what apps are for.

5) Dropbox

For Android or for iPhone.

In terms of productivity killers, not being able to access your files comes in right at the top of the list. So don’t let that happen. With the Dropbox app, you can have access to a massive data storage area.

Want even more productivity out of this? Use IFTTT to set up recipes so your files are automatically sent to Dropbox.

6) Google Drive

This is, of course, similar to Dropbox. Depending on which tool your team uses, one may be better or worse than the other. I like having both, just for the flexibility, and so I can work with different teams easily.

For Android or for iPhone.

7) Evernote

Compiling research? Putting together a business plan? Marketing plan? Vacation plan? Evernote can help. Thousands of people consider this one of their 5 essential digital tools.

Also check out Evernote scannable.

Don’t like Evernote? Check out Scrivener – especially if you’re a writer/researcher.

For Android or for iPhone.

8) Feedly

Wanna clean up your inbox? Switch some of your email subscriptions into RSS feeds on Feedly. Then read to your heart’s content – and search more accurately for content than you can in Gmail.

For Android or for iPhone. Feedly can help you find good content fast:


9) Pocket

No internet connection? No problem. Fill up your Pocket account so you can read and research offline.

For Android or for iPhone or for Chrome.

10) AirTable

This is a free app that lets you create and manage relational databases from your phone. Don’t know what a relational database is? Well, basically, it’s a spreadsheet – but in 3D.

I’ll try to restrain my enthusiasm for this tool. But honestly? AirTable is my favorite new tool of 2016. That they have an app just makes it even better.

For Android or for iPhone.

Content creation and promotion

You can’t do as much content creation with a phone as you can with a laptop, but with these tools you can probably get more done than you’d expect.

11) Word Swag / Phonto

For iPhone use Word Swag or Phonto – Text on Photos for Android.

If you can make social media images on the go, the list of tasks you can accomplish gets much longer. You can create social media updates, create quote-images from blog posts, make blog post headers – the list goes on. Either of these two apps can get the job done.

12) GetResponse

Wait! Before you skip over this as being self-serving – ask yourself: How many times have you sent an email campaign out, only to wonder how it was doing later on, when you were away from your computer? Or how many times has your boss asked “How’s that email doing?” and you couldn’t answer.

That never has to happen again. Especially if you use the GetResponse Mobile App.

For Android or for iPhone.

GetResponse Mobile App.

Want to know how the app works? Read our post announcing the GetResponse freshly polished app.

13) CoPromote

This co-sharing platform can help you reach a larger audience for your content. But how is it productive? Share a post from their database whenever you’ve got a down moment – it’ll translate into more shares for your own content.

For iPhone.

14) Google SEO apps 

Google Analytics App for Android or Dashboard for GoogleAnalytics for iPhone/iPad.

Got a big promotion running? Just published a guest post on a blog with a huge audience? Sometimes it’s really nice to know what’s going on with your site when you’re mobile. Either of these apps can help.


Think of these as “the glue” – the apps you might not think of immediately, but that work silently in the background of your day, making things happen.

15) 1Password

For Android and for iPhone.

Ever been working remotely, happily plugging along, only to realize you need to access an account… that you can’t remember the password for? Sure, you can go through the password restoration process. But if you’re on deadline, or about to get on a plane, that gets stressful. So skip the stress: Have all your passwords with you and safe at all times.

16) Slack

I can’t really mention working with teams without including this one. Some people are more tethered to Slack than they are to their inbox.

For Android or for iPhone.


This free automation tool lets different apps, services and websites talk to each other. That means you can set it up to run simple tasks. And with the app on hand, you can manage them from your phone, too.

For Android or for iPhone.

Apps for audio

Phones were made for listening. Ends up, using them for listening to phone calls was barely the beginning.

18) iTalk / Smart Voice Recorder

For iPhone use iTalk or Smart Voice Recorder for Android.

Got a podcast? Want to record a clever conversation you’re having with a peer – maybe to use on your blog? With either of these installed, you can capture your brilliance fast.

19) GetResponse Webinars

Not at your desk, so you can’t make that webinar? Not anymore.

For Android or for iPhone.

20) Brighttalk

There are thousands of webinars and presentations on BrightTalk.

For Android or for iPhone.

21) Audible

No time to read all those business books? Listen to them.

For Android or for iPhone.

22) A dictation app 

Either Dragon dictation for iPhone users or possibly Speech to Text for Android users.

Got an idea? Or maybe something to say that could be made into a blog post? Dragon can capture your ideas instantly and convert them into words. This is especially awesome if you drive by yourself a lot. When you’re on a plane, it’s a little less socially acceptable to talk to yourself.

23) TED talks

For when you need 20 minutes of inspiration. Or for when there’s nothing inspiring on BrightTalk or Audible.

For Android or for iPhone.


24) TapeACall

Want to interview someone over the phone and get a recording? This is your app.

For Android or for iPhone.

Personal finance apps

Money snafus can really muck up productivity. It takes a long time to walk from the airport.

25) Mint or Sumptus

These are the classic expense and income trackers. They also let you set budgets and even split a purchase across two categories. They’re a life saver during tax time.

Mint for Android or for iPhone.

Sumptus for iPhone.

26) Acorns or Digit

To save your money. Both these apps automatically snitch a little money from you at a time, then stow it away in a saving account or a stock fund. If you’ve been finding it impossible to “set some aside” every month, try these.

Acorns for Android or for iPhone.

Digit for iPhone.

Personal development productivity apps

It takes an optimal you to be optimally productive.

27) Headspace

A meditation app. Lots of smart people are getting on the meditation wagon to maximize their productivity (and to think more clearly and creatively).

For Android or iPhone.


28) Deep Sleep

Because you’ll be far more productive if you could just get to sleep on time.

For Android or for iPhone.

29) Apps to build a habit

Productivity often comes down to good habits. Any one of these four options can help.

For iPhone: Momentum or Way of Life.

For Android: Rewire – Habit & Goal Tracker or HabitBull – Habit Tracker.

30) Your favorite productivity app – the one I haven’t mentioned here

What is it? Give a shout out for your favorite productivity app in the comments.

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