153 Ideas for Blog Posts

by Pam Neely

It’s planning season. As 2015 closes out and 2016 rushes in, most of us look ahead to schedules, goals and resolutions. If you’re fired up to do more with your blog this year, we’d like to offer you some fuel. These blog post ideas are designed to fit with any niche – from real estate or SEO, parenting or cross training.

Pick and choose from the ideas below, or try out each one a shot as a writing prompt. There’s enough here for nearly three years’ worth of blog posts if you write one post every week.

A few points to help you navigate this list:

  • The ideas are grouped into categories for easy scanning.
  • Any title with a number is flexible. So if a title reads “7 Ways to …” and you can only think of three ways, no problem. If you can think of 15 or 50, even better.
  • Any words in parenthesis are meant to be switched to something relevant to your niche. So if you see “Top 10 Twitter Accounts for (your niche)”, drop in what makes sense for you. Like “Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Real Estate Brokers” or “Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Parents”.

Who to follow on social media

1) The Top 10 Twitter Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

2) The Top 10 Facebook Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

3) The Top 10 Pinterest Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

4) The Top 10 Google+ Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

5) The Top 10 SlideShare Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

6) The Top 10 YouTube Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow.

7) The Top 10 Blogs for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow. 

8) The Top 10 Instagram Accounts for (your niche/industry/audience) to Follow

Other content formats and sources

9) The Top 10 Podcasts for (your niche/industry/audience) To Follow.

10) 10 Essential Books for (your niche/industry/audience).

11) 5 TED Talks Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should See.

12) 10 Newsletters Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should Subscribe To.

13) My Review of (Book or group of books).

14) 5 Cartoons Every (your niche/industry/audience) Has to See. Alternative: 20 Hysterical Memes Every (your niche/industry/audience) Has Got to See.

15) 5 Events or Conferences Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should Go to at Least Once.

16) Post topic: Go to an event/conference/talk related to your niche. Write a post about it.

Other Resources

17) The 10 Best Educational Resources in (your niche/industry/audience).

18) 5 Companies Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should Know About. These would be companies offering services relevant to your audience. Only pick companies you have direct experience with.

19) The 20 Best Quotes About (your niche/industry/audience).

20) How to Spend Your First $100 in (your niche/industry/audience).

21) Shopping Spree: How I’d Spend $5,000 in (your niche/industry/audience).

22) A (your niche/industry/audience)’s Calendar. For example: A Gardener’s Calendar, with suggested tasks throughout the year.

23) The 5 Best Cities for (your niche/industry/audience).

24) 100 (your niche/industry/audience) Terms You Need to Know. Glossary posts tend to do well.

25) 5 Christmas Gifts for (your niche/industry/audience).

26) An A to Z of (your niche/industry/audience) Tricks/Statistics/Lies/Hacks, etc. For example: An A to Z of Startup Hacks.

27) A Guide to (your niche/industry/audience) Etiquette.



28) 10 Best Apps for (your niche/industry/audience).

29) 10 Essential Online Tools for (your niche/industry/audience).

30) 5 Cool Gear Items Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should Have.

31) 5 Best WordPress Plugins Just for (your niche/industry/audience).

32) 7 Amazing Uses for (Some Common Item in Your Niche). For example: 7 Amazing Uses for Fishing Line. 7 Amazing Uses for Google Calendar.

33) 5 (Tool) Features You Don’t Know About – But Should. For example: 5 Excel Features You Don’t Know About – But Should.


34) The 10 Most Common Mistakes of (your niche/industry/audience).

35) 10 Newbie Mistakes in (your niche/industry/audience).

36) 10 Mistakes Even the Pros Make In (your niche/industry/audience).

37) My Worst Mistake With (your niche/industry/audience).

38) The Best Mistake I Ever Made in (your niche/industry/audience).

39) The Top 3 Reasons People Fail In (your niche/industry/audience).

40) 10 Ways to Alienate (your niche/industry/audience). For example: 10 Ways to Alienate New Subscribers.

41) The #1 Regret of My (your niche/industry/audience) Career.

42) The #1 Way to Fail at (your niche/industry/audience).

43) 3 Tactics of (your niche/industry/audience) That Are Supposed to Work – But Don’t.

44) 3 Reasons Your Last (X/Webinar/Garage Sale/Stand-up Act) Failed.

45) 5 Bad Habits in (your niche/industry/audience).

46) The Bad Girls’/Boys’ Guide to (your niche/industry/audience).

47) How Much Is Too Much? When (your niche/industry/audience) Is Overdone.


48) 10 Ways to Save Time For (your niche/industry/audience).

49) 10 Things to Stop Doing in (your niche/industry/audience).

50) A 7-Minute Routine to Make You a Better (your niche/industry/audience).

51) 3 Things I’ve Stopped Doing in (your niche/industry/audience).

52) How to Do (Basic Task) in (15) Minutes.

53) 5 Productivity Hacks for (your niche/industry/audience).

54) 5 (Essential Tool in Your Niche) Shortcuts Everyone Should Know.

55) How to (Common But Challenging Task in Your Niche) in 60 Minutes or Less.

56) The Minimalist’s Guide to (your niche/industry/audience).

57) 3 Ways to Make (Hard Task in Your Niche) Easier.


58) What to Expect from (your niche/industry/audience) in 2016.

59) Where (your niche/industry/audience) is Going in the Next 5 Years.

60) How (New Trend) Could Impact Your (your niche/industry/audience).

61) 5 Predictions for (your niche/industry/audience) in (Year).

62) 5 Trends That Shaped (Last Year).

63) The 5 Most Interesting Things That Happened in (your niche/industry/audience) This Month.

64) What (your niche/industry/audience) Was Like 100 Years Ago.


65) 10 of the Top (influencers in your niche/industry/audience) Weigh in on What To Focus on in 2016.

66) 10 of the Top (your niche/industry/audience) Weigh in on How To (your audiences’ key motivator).

67) The 10 Most Influential People in (your niche/industry/audience).

68) 15 (influencers in your niche/industry/audience) You Don’t Know – But Should. A post about rising stars in your industry or niche.



69) The Biggest Misconception Around (your niche/industry/audience).

70) 3 Times (your niche/industry/audience) Has Surprised Me.

71) 12 Unspoken Rules of (your niche/industry/audience).

72) 3 Questions Every (your niche/industry/audience) Needs to Ask Themselves.

73) 3 Things to Consider Before You Quit (your niche/industry/audience).

74) Myths and Facts of (your niche/industry/audience).

Best Practices

75) 50 Ideas for How To Do (your niche/industry/audience) Better.

76) 10 Essential Skills of (your niche/industry/audience).

77) 5 Super-Effective Tactics for (your niche/industry/audience) You’ve Gotta Try.

78) 5 of the Craziest Tips I’ve Heard About (your niche/industry/audience) – And One That Works.

79) The Only 5 Numbers That Matter in (your niche/industry/audience). A post about which metrics to track in a particular niche.

80) The Difference Between X and Y. For example: The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Weight Loss.

81) (your niche/industry/audience) Makeover.

How to

82) A Simple Formula for (Common But Challenging Task in Your Niche).

83) 10 Step Checklist for How to Do (some basic task people in your niche do all the time). Like a checklist for a vacation. Or a checklist for putting a house on the market.

84) The Ultimate Guide to (your niche/industry/audience).

85) The Definitive Guide to (your niche/industry/audience).

86) A Template for (How to plant a garden, cook Thanksgiving, create a newsletter).

Decision Making

87) How to Choose Between X and Y in (your niche/industry/audience).

88) The Pros and Cons of (issue in your niche).

89) 5 Questions to Ask Before You (Hire Someone, Date Someone, Sign up for a course, etc).

Be Like the Best

90) 5 Habits of the Smartest (your niche/industry/audience).

91) How Navy SEALS might do (your niche/industry/audience).

92) 5 Things Successful (your niche/industry/audience) Never Do.

93) What the Most Successful (your niche/industry/audience) Know That You Don’t.

94) 10 Personality Characteristics Most Successful (your niche/industry/audience) Have in Common.

95) The Most Unlikely Way to Succeed in (your niche/industry/audience) – That Actually Happened.

96) Profile of an A-List (your niche/industry/audience). For example: Profile of an A-List Blogger.

97) The Perfectionist’s Guide to (your niche/industry/audience).


98) 10 Things That Keep (your niche/industry/audience) Up At Night. A list of all the things your audience worries about. Add a few humorous points, too.

99) 5 Things That Undermine the Confidence of (your niche/industry/audience).

Outside Sources/Celebrities

100) What Donald Trump (Or Any Other Celebrity) Can Teach Us About (your niche/industry/audience). For example: What Kim Kardashian Can Teach Marketers About Instagram.

101) How to (do something) Like (insert celebrity name or industry guru). For example: How To Blog Like Seth Godin. How To Sing Like Adele.

102) 10 Celebrities Who (participate in your niche/industry/audience). For example: 3 Celebrities Who Paraglide. 5 Celebrities Who Keep Chickens. 7 Celebrities Who Live to Cross-train.


103) My Top 10 Peeves of (your niche/industry/audience).

104) What (Influencer Name) Gets Wrong About (your niche/industry/audience).

105) An Open Letter to (your niche/industry/audience).

106) The 3 Most Infuriating Things About (your niche/industry/audience).

107) If I Could Change 3 Things About (your niche/industry/audience). Could also be a tool or resource in your niche. For example: If I Could Change 3 Things About Google Analytics, They Would Be…

108) What No One Else Will Tell You About (your niche/industry/audience).

109) What X’s Post Doesn’t Tell You About (your niche/industry/audience). Go to BuzzSumo and find the most-shared piece of content in your niche. Endorse it, quibble with it, scorch it… whatever seems right.


110) An April Fools’ post.

111) How (your niche/industry/audience) Celebrates Mother’s Day (or any other holiday). For example: How Hells Angels’ Celebrate Mother’s Day.

112) What (your niche/industry/audience) Would Be Like If (X). Take an idea or opinion that you think is absolute bunk. Write a sarcastic post about how your niche or industry would be if that opinion or idea was actually true. For example, “What Online Marketing Would Be Like If Email Was Actually Dead”.

113) The funniest question someone has asked you about (your niche/industry/audience).


114) 3 Charts That Explain What’s Happening in (your niche/industry/audience).

115) Analyze/comment on any new survey that’s come out in your niche. Marketing Profs’ email updates have running category around this called “Survey Says”.

116) Announce the results of a poll or quiz you’ve been running on your site.

117) What Scientists Can Tell Us About (your niche/industry/audience). Tie in recent scientific research to your niche.

118) The Science of (specific topic (your niche/industry/audience).

119) 5 Psychology Tricks for (your niche/industry/audience).

120) New Research on How to (Major Challenge in your niche).


Wider World/Charity

121) How to Give Back in (your niche/industry/audience). Surely there’s a way to do charity in your niche or in your industry. For attorneys, this would be pro bono work. For web designers, it might be to help a non-profit upgrade their site. For plumbers, it might be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

122) Pick a funky holiday from any one of the holidays mentioned on this list.

123) What (Historical Person’s Name) Can Teach Us About (your niche/industry/audience).

124) What (Recent News Story) Can Teach Us About (your niche/industry/audience).

125) How (your niche/industry/audience) Can Change The World.

126) What (your niche/industry/audience) Can Learn From Wall Street (or Main Street). Highlight the workings of another industry and apply them to your own niche.

127) 10 Worthy Charities Every (your niche/industry/audience) Should Know About.

For Newbies

128) Are You Cut Out for (your niche/industry/audience)?

129) 10 Most Common (your niche/industry/audience) Newbie Questions.

130) 10 Things I Wish I Knew About (your niche/industry/audience) When I Started.

131) The answer to the question you get asked the most.

132) 5 Questions People Should Be Asking Me About (your niche/industry/audience), But Aren’t.

133) A Beginner’s Guide to (specific topic in (your niche/industry/audience).

134) How to Look Like a Noob in (your niche/industry/audience).

135) How to Jumpstart Your (your niche/industry/audience).

About You

136) Why I Started My Business/Hobby/Topic.

137) Why I Almost Quit My Business/Hobby/Topic.

138) 5 Things I Should Be Doing for (your niche/industry/audience), But That I Never Get Around To. What in your niche or topic are you putting off? Write about that, and why you’re procrastinating.

139) 3 Things My Mother Was Right About (your niche/industry/audience).

140) 5 Things About (your niche/industry/audience) I’m Terrible At.

141) 5 Things About (your niche/industry/audience) I Wish I Did Better.

About Your Site

142) The 10 Most Interesting Comments This Blog Has Ever Gotten.

143) Make a word cloud of your last 100 blog comments. Write a post about it.

144) The Inside Stats on This Blog. Share your traffic, income, how many subscribers and shares you get – the whole enchilada. These type of transparency posts as especially popular in the SAAS community.

145) How I Write Blog Posts or How I Run This Site. Share your creative process – your office, your desk, how you plan, write and promote posts.

146) Sweepstakes or contest winners announcement. Or even a monthly book giveaway announcement, with a profile of the winner.

About Your Audience

147) How one (your niche/industry/audience) Became a Star. Pick someone in your niche your admire and who would do an interview with you. Make that interview into a blog post.

148) How One Reader Turned Her (your niche/industry/audience) Around. Another twist on the success story as a case study.

About Your Industry/Niche

149) The 10 Best Blog Posts from Last Month. A curated list of great posts from all across your niche/industry.

150) 50 Amazing Facts About (your niche/industry/audience). Gather up all the fun, weird statistics and facts you can come across for your niche. Add lots of images to make them more interesting.

151) A Day in the Life of a (your niche/industry/audience).

152) 3 Incredible Motivational Stories About (your niche/industry/audience).

153) The Most Inspiring (your niche/industry/audience) Story of the Year.

Phew! That’s a lot of blog posts. But we’re still a little short. It would be great if we could get this list to over 200 ideas.

Can you help out? Add your ideas for blog posts in the comments. We’re looking for flexible titles that could work for almost any niche. Thanks!

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