10 Google Chrome Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

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It doesn’t matter whether people use the Internet to research, work, network, or advertise – Google Chrome is probably the most popular option for a simple, intuitive, and a fast browser. If you’re a fan of minimalist design, then you certainly appreciate Chrome’s simplicity combined with great efficiency. But did you know that you can boost the potential of this browser when you start using the right apps?

Marketers are mostly interested in social media and tools that help them promote products, services, and websites. They often forget about the importance of a browser, which is the most important tool they use. Check out the following 10 apps and see how they can make your work easier!

1. StayFocusd


Following the activity and trends on social media is an important aspect of a marketer’s job. However, these websites are really distracting, so you’re not always using them for work. Sometimes you just need to limit the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other websites that can take your days away.

With StayFocusd, you can set limitations on the time you spend on distracting website. You can allow yourself to access them for one or few hours, and the app will block them once you pass the limit.

2. LastPass: Free Password Manager


Be honest with yourself: it’s not possible to memorize login info for all online services you use, so you’re probably using the same password with minimal variations. That’s not a good strategy. Writing all your passwords in a draft email message or a piece of paper is no solution either. LastPass solves these problems.

This password manager saves your login information and gives you secure access to all online services. You’ll just have to remember one password: the master password for LastPass.

3. Strict Workflow


This is a productivity app based on the Pomodoro Technique. It encourages you to work on your computer for 25 minutes without accessing any distracting websites, since it will block them for you. After those 25 minutes of intense work, you’ll get a 5-minute break. You can repeat these sessions as many times as you need.

The 25-minute workflow is inspiring because it doesn’t seem overwhelming. You just say to yourself “okay… 25 minutes is not a lot of time, and I’ll get to browse Twitter for 5 minutes afterwards.” It’s a simple technique that never fails in practice.

4. Just Not Sorry – The Gmail Plug-in


You write tons of email messages on a daily basis. With practice, you got really quick in writing the emails, but you’re still not immune to some silly errors. You hardly take the time to read and edit each message you compose, and that’s a serious mistake that makes you seem unprofessional.

Just Not Sorry is a Gmail plug-in that warns you when you use words that dilute the meaning of your message. For example, it tells you that using sorry too many times in a message undermines your authority. When you get rid of these weak words, you will sound like a really successful marketer in your emails.

5. Honey


When you’re investigating the practices of your competitors, you clearly want info about their discount offers. When you install Honey on Chrome, you’ll get instant information about coupon codes for the eCommerce websites you visit. Then, you can use that information to develop your own coupon campaign.

Of course, Honey is not just a tool you use for the sake of your marketing practices. It’s also a great plug-in that helps you save money when shopping online – that’s its main function.

6. Sidenotes


There is no need to open Evernote or another note-taking app you use when you get a sudden idea while browsing a certain website. That’s a routine that complicates the idea-generating process, since you have to pause videos, switch tabs, and open another app. With Sidenotes, you can instantly type any note as you browse the Internet.

7. Google Dictionary


Do you use an online dictionary when you need to find the meaning of a word you don’t understand? There is no need to open another website, copy the word, and paste it into a search bar. Google Dictionary will give you definitions in a pop-up bubble when you double-click any word.

You can view the complete definition of the word when you click on more, and you can store a history of words you’ve looked up. This convenient feature helps you investigate and understand the slang of your target audience.

8. FlashTabs


This is an awesome browser extension, which is especially popular among students. It enables you to set a deck of flashcards, and process through them as you open new tab screens. This is a great tool to use when you’re generating ideas for a new marketing campaign with your team. It’s also great for creating presentations, since it helps you memorize important data.

9. Boomerang for Gmail


You know that the chances for a client or collaborator to read your email message are greater if you send it during a specific time of the day. If, for example, someone gets the notification during working hours, he will probably delay it for later. However, he might forget about it and you’ll never get the response you need. Does this mean you have to leave everything aside and write the message at an exact moment? You don’t have to do that.

With Boomerang, you can write the email messages whenever you have free time for that activity, but you can schedule them to be sent or returned at a later date/hour.

10. Tab Wrangler


Take a look at your browser’s tab bar: how many tabs are currently opened? How many of them are you actually using? Don’t you get distracted by the mess? Tab Wrangler is an awesome app to have. It automatically closes your inactive tabs, so it will make the browser much cleaner and simple to use. Don’t worry; it also saves the closed tabs, so you can easily get them back.

Are you ready to boost the potential and effectiveness of Google Chrome? You’ll love the browser even more when you start using some of the tools described above. Try them and tell us in the comments below what you think!   

About the Author: Laura Johnson is a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist. She is working on several projects. And one of them is an essay writing service Assignment Masters. As a hobby, she finds and uses different applications and extensions for her PC. And she is sure that they are boundless.

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