Assisted IP warmup

Start sending millions of emails from Day 1

Seamless transition

With Assisted IP Warmup*, you can send millions of emails from Day 1 benefiting from our deliverability expertise and dedicated support. There’s no limiting your first sends while you warm up your IP address and establish your sender reputation, meaning no unnecessary delays in continuing to reach your valued customer base.

With our automated process, we will set up a threshold for your dedicated IP to send, automatically adjusting as it builds up a reputation. The rest of the messages that need sending would be automatically sent from our high-quality shared IP pool, with this level adjusting over time until your IP is all the way warmed and ready to deliver on its own. And you won’t even notice as this transition is happening.

Assisted IP Warmup vs. Standard IP Warmup

GetResponse MAX gives you a unique IP address with real people at your side, dedicated to solving problems and even seeing them coming before they affect you, plus we’ll help manage your relationship with all ISPs and strengthen your IP reputation.

When it’s time to level-up to a new platform with the power of your own dedicated IP and ability to migrate all your contacts and lists to start sending without delays, you can choose one of GetResponse’s IP Warmup options.

Now, you’ve got two options to warm up your IP — set up your own schedule with a Standard IP Warmup, or better yet, use our tried and tested Assisted IP Warmup service*.

Skip time-consuming steps and cumbersome processes that waste valuable time and energy on slow list migration or using (and paying for) two platforms at once, toggling back and forth between old and new. With GetResponse you’ll be ready to deliver thousands, even millions, of emails to your valued customers from the get-go, saving you time, resources and money.

*Assisted IP Warmup is only available to qualified senders

10X More Sends with Assisted IP Warmup
vs. Standard IP Warmup

As you can see clearly in this graph, an Assisted IP Warmup overwhelmingly outperforms a Standard IP Warmup, resulting in more sends by drastic margins according to data we’ve recently gathered based on a real-live GetResponse MAX high-volume sender.

In this study, over a period of two weeks our client sent nearly 3 million messages with Assisted IP Warmup, triple the amount of sends when compered to the Standard IP Warmup. The numbers are even more striking after three weeks and one month.

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