How to work with templates?

This tutorial only applies to the new newsletter editor BETA.

With the new editor, we give you a new way to manage your templates under Menu > Email marketing > My templates.

Editing templates is now easier, as you don’t have to create a new message in order to access them. You can quickly make changes only to the template and reuse it later. It is an efficient and fast way to make changes on your reusable templates.

Templates you create in this section are separate from drafts or sent messages. You can work with them without the need to create an actual newsletter. When using a template to make a newsletter, we copy the template content into it. This means that you are editing the newsletter and the template itself remains unchanged.

Note: Templates created in the new editor cannot be used for autoresponders or automation messages.

How do I work with new templates?

To create a new template from the templates section:

  1. Go to Menu > Email marketing > My templates and click the Create template button.
    create template
  2. Give your template a name consisting of 100 characters.
  3. You can choose a Predesigned template or a Blank template and build your message based on that.
predesigned or blank templates.

To create a new template from the editor:

  1. Hover over Save and exit.
  2. From the dropdown select Save as my template.
    save as template in the editor.
  3. Provide your template name and click Create.

The template will now be saved under Menu>>Email marketing>>Templates.

To manage your templates:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Actions button (vertical ellipsis)
  2. You will see three options there:
  • Edit – use this option to work with the template in the editor
  • Download HTML– use this action to download the HTML code of the template
  • Delete – use this action to completely remove the template from your panel
manage template
  1. Click the action of your choice to execute it.

Note: The templates from the legacy editors are not available under new Templates panel.

How can I test my template?

There are three ways in which you can test the template you’re creating by going to Test and preview.

teste message.
  1. You can send yourself a test message to see how the message looks like in email clients.
  2. You can see how it appears on desktop and mobile version.
  3. You can check the Spam Score for your message to see what can be improved.