What is new in the new message editor?

With the new message editor, you can create messages that will display beautifully on various email clients and devices. It’s a drag and drop editor that allows you to add content and apply colors and styles.

It gives you customization options as well as advanced settings to make sure your message looks exactly how you want it.

You can choose from a set of pre-made, customizable templates or start designing from blank templates. In each of these options, adjusting the message to your needs will be fast.

For now, the new message editor is only available when creating newsletters. Drafts or templates created using the new editor cannot be reused as autoresponders or automation messages.

What is different in the new message editor.

  • New and convenient create message page. It has all important settings for your message on one page.
    create page of the new editor.
  • You can add sections to your messages. You can arrange them as you need and give your message structure.
    add sections.
  • You set up your blocks and sections and save it as “My Blocks”. “My blocks” is one of the distinctive features that helps you create great-looking emails. Use blocks to keep your brand and style consistent across all your messages.
    my blocks.
  • With the new message editor, you have access to more fonts, and, most importantly, the full web fonts functionality based on Google Fonts. This makes it easy to create good looking emails.
    more fonts.
  • Your blocks and sections (apart from header and footer) can be hidden on the mobile version of your message. It lets you customize your message for mobile devices.
    hide on mobile devices menu
  • You can edit your photos in the new, powerful image editor. Editing the 5 000 free Shutterstock images has never been easier.
    image editor
  • You don’t need to create a new newsletter to manage your templates. You can create them in the editor and then edit them from a dedicated section in Menu >> Email marketing >> Templates. It only includes templates created in the new editor.
    my templates section.
  • Apart from creating regular hyperlinks going to provided URL, you can easily connect buttons and links to your lading pages and webinars in GetResponse. You are also able to link them to phone numbers, email addresses, and dynamic content.
  • Our spam check is now clear and direct in what you can improve in your newsletter.
    spam check.
  • You can now customize your footer to match your message style.
    footer customization.
  • We’ve added a video block to make it easier to include videos in your messages.
    video block.
  • We have a new Social media block that you can set either to link to your social media pages or share your message to chosen social media platforms.
    social media.
  • There’s a new Custom HTML block that allows you to add custom elements based on HTML and CSS to your message.
    custom html block.
  • You can easily add emojis to your text blocks from the styling menu.
    emojis in text.
  • We have a new HTML editor, which shows you a live preview of the code you’ve added. Use it if don’t want to work in a drag and drop editor.
    html editor.