What editing options are available inside Email Creator?

This article applies only to the legacy version of the newsletter editor.

In Email Creator, use the navigation icons to go to the Create step.

The bar at the top gives you options to change the message or template colors, add borders and top/bottom spacing. Also, you can set border radius, left or center alignment of the message, and add picture as the background (the effect will be available only in some email clients).

On the right side are Blocks you can double click or drag-and-drop into the message. When you click a block you’ve added, additional options appear.

Click each option to edit the image. Adjust Background, Spacing and Border with one click. To edit a picture, click the Image icon and scale its size with the slider. If you want to hyperlink the image, click the Chain icon. You can also add a picture as the background and set radius edges (the effect will be available only in some email clients and browsers). When editing the image block you will be displayed with the current width and height in pixels.

Click any text box to type or paste new text into it. When editing a text block, use the buttons to edit font, font size, color, style, spacing and alignment.

To hyperlink text, first highlight the text then click the Chain icon and enter a URL and Title. To personalize the message click the Personalization icon and choose custom fields. Click the image icon to add image to the background. The text block will display the current width and height in pixels. You also can set an image as the background (the effect will be available only in some email clients and browsers). Finally, you can apply your own settings to the line height.

When editing the image & text block, click the text field first and then image to display the menu for the gallery.

The My Button action button can be customized according to your taste. Just drag it onto the message and click to display the menu toolbar. If you want to link it to your website, paste the web address into the Button URL field and define its title. Click the image icon to add a picture as the background, also you can edit the spacing, border, position and set the radius edges.

To format any block, use the icons that appear at the edges when you hover the mouse over the block. You can duplicate it using Add new row or Add new column, and Save as snippet, Resize or Remove.

If you integrate PayPal with GetResponse your Buy Now buttons will be available under PayPal section on the right hand side of the editor. Drag the button into the template and click on it to edit its look. Remember to choose the button from the list called Name.

You can also have a look at our additional resources to learn how to add a PayPal button to your newsletter.