Where can I find HTML message templates?

You can find HTML templates within the Drag-and-Drop Email Editor. GetResponse provides dozens of templates in more than 20 industry-based categories. They are professionally-designed and allow you to send eye-catching custom newsletters and autoresponder messages.

To get to the editor:

  1. Go to Dashboard>>Menu>Email marketing.
  2. On the Newsletters page, click the Create newsletter button. This will take you to a screen where you can select between Drag-and-Drop Email Editor and HTML code editor.
  3. Click Drag-and-Drop Email Editor.
  4. In the side menu, click Predesigned templates and browse the categories. Then, click on the template to start editing your message.

How is a template different from a draft?

  • A template is the basic message layout. It includes your background, fonts, block structure, and other formatting. Its purpose is to allow you to have a baseline when creating a message, so you can use the same layout whenever you need it without creating it from scratch.

  • A draft is a message in progress that you haven’t sent yet. It gives you the ability to make changes in a message you started creating. You can come back and edit it multiple times before you send it.

Can I create my own template from scratch?

It’s possible to create your own template within the newsletter editor. You’ll be able to select a layout and customize one of the blank templates available there. To get to the templates:

  1. Follow the steps 1-3 describing how to get to the drag-and-drop editor.
  2. Click Start from scratch in the side menu.
  3. Select a template from the available options. This will take you to the editor. In the editor, you can add your own blocks, text, images, links, change the colors, and much more.

Can I use my own HTML template for my message?

It’s possible to use your own HTML template for your messages. You can use one of the three import methods for adding your template–paste from code, from ZIP, and from URL.

  1. Go to Dashboard>>Menu and select either Email Marketing or Autoresponders.
  2. After completing the initial screen, click the Next Step button at the bottom to go to the Template screen.
  3. In the side menu, click Import. This allows you to import your template into GetResponse by pasting the code, importing a zip file, or downloading it from a URL.

All your saved templates can be located within the My templates tab.

Note: Please don’t paste the code from MS Word, Wordpad or any other text documents except Notepad file. This may cause serious issues with the message editor and the message design.

We do not provide support for custom HTML coding, your own HTML templates and our templates which code has been edited by our customers.